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Drugs seized, two arrested

IFP Bureau22 May 2022

One soap case containing heroin powder and 83 vials containing heroin powder, a total weight of 44 grams; 30 N-10 tablets; 38 SP capsule; five mobile phones; cash of Rs 3,050 were seized.

Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)

Covid effect on mental health

IFP Bureau2 Dec 2021

IFP Editorial: As Manipur has been grappling with the problem of high substance abuse, 23 per cent of the total population are suffering from mental disorders due to drug addiction. Now even more alarming is the impact of the pandemic on mental health of the general population. Experts are expecting a five-fold increase in mental health cases in the coming days.

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Illegal rehab centres and human rights abuse

IFP Bureau4 Nov 2021

IFP Editorial: The mission for bringing back the drug addicts into the mainstream must be followed and the rule-book or the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) established by the state authorities for operation and running of such rehab centres must be put into practice.

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