Population control in a system of ‘more people, more power’

While it is a concern that population growth in the tribal state have declined, it will be counter-productive, considering the still prevailing high growth rate in many other states, to altogether do away with a tool that will help us accomplish our goal of achieving uniform low population growth rate.

Loving the unloved

By every sensibility of the essence of humanity and love that is naturally attached to it, we have every responsibility therefore to find means to approach and address the issues of failure.

Role of marriage to check population growth

The government should sensitise community to delay age of marriage.

Don't be clueless about copyright

Registration of copyright is not a necessity, but it helps identify the copyright holder and serves as evidence.

Could flooding turn a harbinger of life to farmers?

Like the Yellow River, the Brahmaputra has been Assam’s sorrow. The river has a terrifying story of annual flooding that eats away the entire economy of Assam.