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Talking in riddles

Posted on 13 Jul 2024

While BJP Manipur (in-charge) Ajeet Gopchade is trying hard to calm ruffled feathers among the general populace, Chief Minister N Biren Singh is trying to justify Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s absence and denial of the Manipur situation, besides their failure to convince the PM.


Owner’s pride, neighbour’s envy

Posted on 6 Jul 2024

Howsoever nonchalant the Prime Minister be, Inner Manipur MP Angomcha Bimol Akoijam struck the right chord by invoking a comparison of Modi’s uncaring silence with the attitude of British colonialists then.

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh (PHOTO: Facebook)

The great escape

Posted on 29 Jun 2024

N Biren Singh is not Heingang constituency’s alone, he is the Chief Minister of the state and he is quite capable of taking criticism in his stride. Everyone sympathises with the distressing turn of events. It is just their luck that their representative happen to be the chief minister at such a crucial timing when this crisis have had to happen.


Servility: The name of the game

Posted on 22 Jun 2024

Maybe, it is because of the level of submissiveness that central leaders are ignoring Manipur and postponing a solution without considering the gravity of the situation.

Manipur security advisor Kuldiep Singh (PHOTO: IFP)

Why blame the Security Advisor?

Posted on 15 Jun 2024

Both Security Advisor Kuldiep Singh and DGP Rajiv Singh are IPS officers deputed by the Union Home Ministry after the May 3, 2023 violence. Poor chaps, they seem to be in utter confusion as to whether they were deputed to clean up the mess and act or to merely observe and report.


Who really won?

Posted on 7 Jun 2024

Despite protestations from within the party fold, O Ibobi banked on Angomcha Bimol Akoijam and the gamble paid off.


Rats in the riverbanks

Posted on 31 May 2024

When the river is flowing to its full capacity and with a strong current, it is bound to strike at the weak spots in the riverbank and the nest burrows of the rats certainly plays the spoiler. And the rat nest burrows do play a role in breaching the riverbanks, besides several other factors.


Oil scarcity in Churachandpur

Posted on 18 May 2024

Some radical leaders and CSOs thought they could tide over any crisis through Guite Road, which is now a National Highway and passes Mizoram state before reaching Assam. Also, they have constructed a motorable road from Churachandpur district to Kangpokpi passing through Kangchup-Koubru range. But the so-called Guite Road is most unreliable in public transport and heavy vehicles particularly during the rainy season.

Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)

Of Ganja and Girls

Posted on 11 May 2024

Girls or married women taking a dare to drink like men-folk and creating scenes in public has become common images of which has come out on the social media.


Playing both sides

Posted on 3 May 2024

Manipur government had not taken an initiative worth noticing so far while the central government still continues to maintain a distance either due to elections or geo-political considerations of the region.

Representational Image (PHOTO: IFP)

Sengdokchaba in recent times

Posted on 27 Apr 2024

People have resorted to the easy way out for issuing clarifications and it is becoming quite popular. It has become a fashion for self-proclaimed reformers and watchdog groups to issue diktats on anything under the sun through the social media.

Representational Image (PHOTO: Pexels)

Do we need a lobbyist?

Posted on 6 Apr 2024

To the utter disappointment of the people of the state, RK Ranjan had not been given an opportunity to take part in a recent parliamentary debate on Manipur unrest along with the Outer Manipur MP Lorho Pfoze.

Thabal Chongba (PHOTO: IFP)

Elections and Yaoshang thabal

Posted on 23 Mar 2024

Maybe, we should forego Yaoshang Thabal this time also in view of the suffering and mourning among the people. But, we must also ponder upon a question whether this election is going to bring peace and normalcy in the state.

Representational Image (Photo: Pixabay)

Coping with changing times

Posted on 16 Mar 2024

The general public instead of protesting against the diktats chose to remain silent and follow the diktats while reservations are kept to oneself. Someone has been issuing diktats on the conduct of marriages.


What about SoO and peace?

Posted on 1 Mar 2024

As a responsible government Chief Minister N Biren Singh should have placed a plan for bringing back peace and normalcy in the house.

Representational Image (PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons)

Diktats galore

Posted on 16 Feb 2024

Given the frequency of ceremonies during the marriage season, it has become a burden for many and especially for those with little means.


Look at the bright side

Posted on 10 Feb 2024

One must agree that Modi's silence is so powerful and pervasive those who question his silence are made to feel guilty as to why should they be questioning him.

Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, January 4, 2024 (PHOTO: X)

Kukis in Zo imagination

Posted on 5 Jan 2024

It would be wrong to presume an interventionist role in the affairs of Manipur on the part of Lalduhoma who has a set of priorities regarding his own state. He would certainly empathise with the Kuki-Zo people in Manipur, but not much as expected.


Age of Unreason

Posted on 30 Dec 2023

Should I keep mum and wait For the One to break his silence... To turn his gaze upon us... Miserable souls and victims


Replicating handloom heritage

Posted on 29 Dec 2023

It is for the state government and its various agencies to monitor and check the invasion of Manipur's handloom replicas in our markets as it is against the mandate of protecting, preserving and promoting our handloom products.

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