Manipur government to procure local paddy for distribution

CAFPD to open district offices for procurement of local paddy and take up all possible steps for triple cropping in the state.

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Updated 22 Jun 2022, 3:49 am

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)


Manipur CAFPD Minister Leishangthem Susindro Meitei assured that the government will take up all possible steps for triple cropping in the state and make Manipur self-reliant in paddy cultivation.

The minister was speaking at the public meeting on procurement of locally produced paddy (Phou) by farmers of Manipur for distribution under NFSA on Monday. The programme was organised by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution at MFSDS.

Addressing the function as chief guest, Susindro said nowadays farmers are not interested in paddy cultivation despite the fact that rice is a staple food of the state.

The state government felt that its root cause is related with procurement of rice from the Central government for the public distribution system.

To address the challenges faced by farmers community resulting out of no market, the state government resolved to procure paddy at standard price and used it for public distribution under NFSA. Only rice will be procured from the Central government, the minister said.


He also said that the state government will take up all measures to provide proper irrigation systems and other necessary items to make Manipur a triple cropping state.

The step is being taken up to promote agricultural farming in the state and save the arable land from converting into other construction activities, he said.

The government aims to enhance paddy production as much as possible so that the state does not have to procure rice from the Central government and is only supported by local farmers, he added.

He informed that the office of civil and supplies will be set up in every district to deposit the procured rice from farmers. In every locality or community, rice stock centres will be provided. The department is planning to invest around Rs 50 crore per year in this procurement process, the minister said.

He also sought support from farmers and other stakeholders to make this new system a grand success.

During the meeting, farmers expressed their views and challenges faced by them in doing agricultural practices. They urged the state government to provide a proper irrigation system, distribute urea fertilisers. They also suggested a policy that ensures the benefit of the procurement system is enjoyed by real farmers and not diverted to the middle man.

The programme was also attended by commissioner, CAF and PD, Bobby Waikhom; director, CAF and PD, Roberson Ashem and some staff from Food Corporation of India, Manipur.


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First published:20 Jun 2022, 4:53 pm


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