Flash flood destroys paddy fields in Ukhrul

Farmers' hope of bumper harvest has been devastated by the sudden flash flood that hit Chingjaroi village in Ukhrul district.

ByRicky Angkang

Updated 25 Sept 2022, 11:33 am

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)


Sudden flash flood has devastated vast areas of lush green standing paddy fields in hilly Ukhrul district of Manipur, causing alarm and massive loss for farmers who were expecting bumper harvest this year.

With paddy beginning to ripen, the farmers were expecting good harvest within a few weeks. But, the unusual flash flood hit Chingjaroi hills on Friday night while the villagers were deep asleep.

Waking up to the disaster, when reaching the fields, the farmers found their one year's labour destroyed by the flashflood overnight,

In an interaction with the villagers during the field visit, a resident of Chingjaroi village told the Imphal Free Press, that around 3,000 tins of rice were destroyed by the flash flood


“For a poor farmers like me this is a huge loss. We are staring at a bleak future. Good harvest is all that farmers prayed for. Unfortunately, rain played spoil sport and destroyed our most precious wealth - rice,” the visibly grieved resident, RK Thotmathing said. 

Taropula, Alinroh, Kazankhra, Vongze, etc were some of the several paddy fields in Chingjaroi village that were severely affected by the sudden flash flood. 

One S Soror lamented that his entire paddy field has been destroyed.

“Paddy cultivation is my main source of income, but sudden flash flood due to the heavy rains has destroyed everything. For a poor farmers like me all is lost, he said. 

Fishes worth Rs 5 lakh were also washed away from paddy fields and fishery ponds.

The flash flood has also affected the undergoing pump reservoir tank construction of the water augmentation scheme under NDB. 


It may be mentioned that several standing paddy plants at Chingjaroi Khullen were severely affected by a long dry spell last year.

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Ricky Angkang

Ricky Angkang

IFP Correspondent, Ukhrul, Manipur


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