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The art of attaining peace

Posted on 6 May 2023

And, gardens and orchards of colourful Tulip Rhododendron and Magnolia all around the complex which is located on the lap of Himalayas, a yellow-orange hued monastery with the Lord meditating over it ---- Ravangla Tathagata Tsal is really beyond description! It flows peace that comes from within!

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Let's make May Day relevant

Posted on 30 Apr 2023

When the brutally exploited workers express their genuine grievance or demand their entitled dues; it amounts to “muscle-flexing” of the trade unions


Romancing small stations in India

Posted on 23 Mar 2023

Many small railway stations, experienced while on tour or due to an accident of destiny, have left an indelible impression upon me... Dimapur gave a feeling of excitement because of being the doorway to the exquisite states of Nagaland and Manipur!


Amartya Sen - Conscience of the Republic

Posted on 29 Jan 2023

The writer salutes the great humanitarian who has donated his entire Nobel prize money and donates large share of his earnings to ensure education of the poorest of poor rural children.

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Democratisation of football

Posted on 29 Nov 2022

A positive change has arrived due to the "globalisation" of the game, thanks to the "import" and "export" of football players and coaches all across the world.


Sonia Gandhi: Epitome of Grace

Posted on 27 Oct 2022

Sonia Gandhi, as usual, has all along stood tall among the debris of Indian politics and displayed what the essence of civility is all about!

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Why education must be understood in the real sense

Posted on 18 Oct 2022

Mere academic degree i.e. career-based education hardly serves the moral fabric of the society or enlightens one's mindset and viewpoint because it can often be earned by merely memorising the answers of the questions as suggested by the professor or tutor

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Abide with the Mahatma's ideals

Posted on 2 Oct 2022

One and only closed orthodox parochial minds can find an all-time great song as a "threat" or "alien" just because it has originated in another land!

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Silver Linings

Posted on 28 May 2022

"Silver Linings" in any situation or sphere is definitely welcome; but only when the apparent picture of "Optimism" does not sweep the ills and failures of the society under the carpet!

Wriddhiman Saha (PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons)

Wriddhiman Saha - The Phoenix

Posted on 20 May 2022

If Indian team management, selectors and BCCI mandarins indeed work for the welfare and benefits of the national team; then not only should they honorably reinstate Wriddhiman Saha in Indian Test eleven.

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Humility is divine

Posted on 5 May 2022

It is often witnessed how petty officials, politicians to  “VIP”s throw tantrums if any security personnel posted at airport, hotel or any public space “fails” to identify him or dares to check him according to rules.

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Choose your heroes wisely

Posted on 20 Apr 2022

Be he a highly successful cricketer or she an extraordinary singer, he a highly popular actor or she an accomplished fashion designer; we can look up to them for their skills only.

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