Sonia Gandhi: Epitome of Grace

Sonia Gandhi, as usual, has all along stood tall among the debris of Indian politics and displayed what the essence of civility is all about!

ByKajal Chatterjee

Updated 27 Oct 2022, 10:00 am

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Sonia Gandhi passes off the baton of Congress presidentship to Mallikarjun Kharge through free and fair elections by setting an example of true democratic spirit. 

Hardly surprising because as far as grace and dignity are concerned, perhaps not a single Indian politician can hold a candle to Sonia Gandhi. 

Not mere birth or passport; but sheer honesty, deed and civilized attitude with utmost respect to secularism and the Constitution form the hallmark of a true Indian. And Sonia Gandhi passes this litmus test gallantly with flying colours.


Far from expressing disgust following the decision of withdrawal of SPG cover for her and family or criticising the Narendra Modi-led government for it (though there lies no guarantee that the family is free from all threats to life); Sonia Gandhi had not only maintained her immense dignity, she had also thanked the force wholeheartedly for accomplishing it's responsibility to the full since 1991!

In these times of vitiated political environment where foul talk, rhetoric, personal attack, mud slinging and character assassination of "adversaries" have become the norm; Sonia Gandhi, as usual, has all along stood tall among the debris of Indian politics and displayed what the essence of civility is all about! Never does she descend to the gutter level of her political adversaries who leave no stone unturned to launch vicious filthy personal attacks upon her and family with her sage-resembling silence resembling the greatest retort! 

Be it forsaking the platter of prime ministership in 2004 (though as an Indian citizen, she was fully eligible to don the highest executive chair) to prompt resignation from Member of Parliament following office-of-profit controversy and getting herself re-elected ---- Sonia Gandhi is nothing but a picture of ethics principle values and poise also, the likes of whom are becoming extinct with each passing day.

Not to forget her humanitarian stand when millions of poorest of poor migrants were compelled to indulge in 2020 "Long March" thanks to the instant lockdown and were dying upon highways or railway tracks out of hunger, malnutrition, heart attacks or accidents!

By offering payment of railway fares from Congress fund,  that "Italian", much-maligned and hated for her origin as "foreigner"; had proved that to feel the pain of the vulnerable Indians, one doesn't necessarily have to take birth as "proud Indian"! What a heartfelt gesture towards the ACTUAL NATION-BUILDERS who were left to their own devices! 


No congratulations will be enough for her for the announcement of sponsoring the travel expenses from the party fund! Indeed it has been proved that her compassion towards the poor downtrodden is infinite times more than many "patriotic" Indians of "nationalist" vintage! Just a zealous shrill cry of "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" would not do! Rather the self-declared patriots should try to appreciate the pain of the hapless citizens and children of Bharat Mata and address their plight with love and compassion by drawing inspiration from Sonia Gandhi who indeed resembled "Mother India" at that juncture of mass displacement unseen since the days of partition.

Coupled with her secular mindset, Rahul Gandhi's "foreigner" mother has definitely proved herself much much more Indian than many Indians(by birth) who lead dishonest and unprincipled lives or divide this multi-religious heterogeneous society by sowing seeds of communal hatred so as to reap electoral dividend and gain power through the back door of immorality and assaulting the spirit of Constitution as well. These enemies of the esteemed Indian Constitution (which is itself based on the foundation of secular values and equality of all possible demographic groups) are indeed  in urgent need of taking tuition from Sonia Gandhi about how to be a true Indian. 

It is high time Indians learn to choose their leaders by appreciating the true worth in them and reject those self-obsessed megalomaniac chest-thumpers  who are nothing but empty drums sounding much with shrill voices whose only task is to exhibit one cheap stunt after another by riding on the vulgar horse of hatred and intolerance.

(The views expressed are personal) 


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Kajal Chatterjee

Kajal Chatterjee

Special Contributor, KOLKATA, West Bengal


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