Why extend ‘Disturbed Area’ status if law and order situation has improved: O Ibobi

Former Manipur CM Okaram Ibobi lamented that the development works and schemes initiated for the minority sections during his tenure as the chief minister have been stalled by the Biren-led BJP government.

ByThoubal Correspondent

Updated on 2 Dec 2021, 4:51 pm




Leader of Manipur Congress Legislature Party (CLP) and former chief minister Okram Ibobi on Wednesday demanded answers from the state government over the extension of ‘Disturbed Area’ status in Manipur if the law and order situation in the state has significantly improved as publicly declared by Chief Minister N Biren Singh.

He was speaking as the chief guest at a political conference of the Congress party organised by the Lilong Block Congress Committee at Lilong Sambrukhong.

Ibobi lamented that the development works and schemes initiated for the minority sections during his tenure as the chief minister have been stalled by the Biren-led BJP government.  

“The laying of foundation stones at remote areas of the state by the present government is not very encouraging. If they have guts, they should inaugurate at least one health facility at a newly formed hill district,” he said.  

The former government had created the new hill districts so that development work could be streamlined for the hills. The present government is being appealed to announce at least one new project for the newly formed hill districts, he further said, adding it could not even completely inaugurate all the development projects that were introduced during the Congress rule.  

The previous representative of Lilong assembly constituency had no social skills and as a result, not progress could be made for Lilong, Ibobi said, raising allegations of incompetency to the previous MLA.  

“We consider that it is rather shameful to indulge in making bold, outright claims such as my government is really good. The one who is leading the present government carries no shame and constantly blows his own trumpet and praises his own government. Whether a government is good or bad is to be decided only by the public. If the mandate of the public is forced upon them, then it will be disrespected,” he added.     

Stressing that only the Congress party made progress in a secular manner, he appealed to the public to help the party bring an absolute majority in the coming election.

Former deputy chief minister and CWC member Gaikhangam called the BJP and Biren government as a “Government of Photos” and said that there is nothing to hope from it.    

He said, “Considering all these online inaugurations done by chief minister Biren, it is likely that the government employees will receive their monthly salaries online as photos; the public should remain watchful.”   

“Our chief minister is someone who is standing amid the infrastructures introduced during the Congress rule and still has the audacity to claim that no developmental work was made by the Congress. The listeners are feeling ashamed after hearing his words. The Congress would ask something and the CM would give an opposite reply. Such is the Biren government which says something and does something else,” he added.   

Claims were made that National Highway 53 would be repaired in such a way that even planes can land on it, once BJP comes into power, he said. Let alone landing an aeroplane, the highway exists in such a condition that boats can travel on it, he further said. “Therefore, the Congress party is the only party which has genuine considerations for the general public, and appeals to elect the party candidates,” he added.   

MPCC president N Loken claimed that BJP will never return to power after the coming election and Congress will form the government.

At the political conference attended by the people of 44 polling stations under Lilong assembly constituency, Ibobi appealed to extend support and elect INC intending candidate for Lilong, Sayed Anwar Hussain. 

First published:1 Dec 2021, 7:45 pm


Thoubal Correspondent

Thoubal Correspondent

THOUBAL district, Manipur

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