Bloodshed, rule of insurgency stopped with arrival of BJP government: JP Nadda

In the upcoming Manipur Assembly elections, the competition will be between disintegration and development and the people will have to choose to whom people they are going to give their votes, Nadda said.

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Updated 27 Nov 2021, 3:01 pm

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There were years of bloodshed in the streets of Manipur while insurgents were also seen on roads, and there was a government of disintegration, divide and rule but the law and order situation of the state has become better, and the intimacy among the people of hills and valley is also improving with the arrival of the BJP government, claimed Bharatiya Janata Party national president Jagat Prakash Nadda on Friday.

He was speaking at the one-day public meeting held at Khongjom ground, Thoubal district.

During the then Congress rule, there were criminalisation of politics and rule of insurgency but such types of politics and rules have stopped with the coming of Biren-led BJP government, he further said.

Under the initiatives of the Chief Minister N Biren Singh, the law and order situation in the entire state has been becoming better as compared with the previous Congress government, he said. As a result, Nongpok Sekmai police station was awarded the ‘Best Police Station’ in the entire country, said Nadda.


The BJP government had been implementing various schemes and policies and with its ‘double engine government’, various developments were brought into the entire state, including hills and valleys. For the construction of 16 national highways, the Central government has sanctioned over Rs 4,000 crore, he said.

“In hill areas of the state, 19 transit accommodations are being set up. There once used to be a government that brought economic blockade, bandh, strike whereas the BJP government brought development and better law and order,” he said.

Mentioning that he saw people welcoming him with banners, flowers and others along the national highway when he was coming to Khongjom, Nadda said the people were not welcoming him but welcoming the BJP.

In the coming election, the competition will be between disintegration and development and the people will have to choose to whom they are going to give their votes, he added.

JP Nadda tweeted that “in the last five years, the criminalisation of politics has been stopped by our government. We started working in Manipur in 1980, and today we have our first CM from the BJP.”


Meanwhile, national president, BJP along with some of the cabinet ministers and Chief Minister N Biren Singh visited the historic place of Khongjom and paid floral tributes to the brave Manipuris who sacrificed their lives during the Anglo-Manipuri War of 1891 at Khongjom war.

Biren posted on Facebook, “Paid rich floral tribute to the brave Manipuris who sacrificed their lives during the Anglo- Manipuri War of 1891 at Khongjom War Memorial along with J.P Nadda Ji, Hon'ble BJP National President. Smt. A Sharda Devi, President BJP Manipur Pradesh, Dr.Sambit Patra Ji, State Prabhari, Shri Ashok Singhal Ji, Election Co-incharge, Smt. Pratima Bhoumik Ji, Election Co-incharge, Hon'ble Minister Th.Biswajit Singh and other senior party leaders were also present at the event.”

Over 4,000 people were seen gathering at the public meeting. Most of them were seen flouting social distancing rules and not wearing face masks.



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