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‘Retract boycott on MLA within five days’

"Village Volunteers’ Service (VVS) would be boycotted in the four villages unless they clarified and retracted their ban within five days."

ByIFP Bureau

Updated 3 Jan 2024, 4:58 am

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Villagers of Sagolmang, Yumnam Patlou, Khewa Company and Wakhong on Tuesday cautioned that the villagers would boycott Village Volunteers’ Service (VVS) in the four villages if they failed to retract their boycott of Khundrakpam constituency MLA Th Lokeshwar within five days.

Speaking to the media at Sagolmang Multipurpose Community Hall, assistant secretary of Sagolmang Meira Paibi Sorokhaibam Bishwarani stated that the MLA had been extending all possible aid to villagers who had been displaced since May 3 in Imphal East.

“On what ground is the VVS boycotting MLA Lokeshwar? They have to provide valid reasons for their boycott,” she said.


She stated that the residents of the four villages condemned the VVS’s alleged outrageous boycott and stated that such drastic measures against the MLA was uncalled for.

She cautioned that the VVS would be boycotted in the four villages unless they clarified and retracted their ban within five days.

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Meanwhile, advisor of Youth Golden Club Wakhong Sarangthem Samungou Meitei expressed discontentment over VVS’s decision to boycott MLA Lokeshwar.


“VVS Khundrakpam Kendra spokesman N Bobby’s announcement to boycott the MLA is outrageous and uncalled for,” he said.

He maintained that the MLA was being targeted for something totally baseless and without proof.

He pointed out that it was not time for mudslinging politics and that the people should instead collectively strive for Manipur's integrity.

 He further called upon VVS to clarify their boycott with legitimate proof.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur


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