Poumai areas in Manipur declared 'drug free zone’

Chief Minister Biren seeks support from all to fight against drug menace in Manipur, as Poumai Naga Union submitted a resolution against poppy plantation to the government and declared all Poumai areas in the state 'drug-free zone'.

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Updated 9 May 2022, 9:13 pm

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)


As the Poumai Naga Union on Saturday declared all Poumai areas in the state as drug-free zone and against poppy plantation and submitted a resolution to the government on the same, Chief Minister Biren Singh called for support from every corner of the state to fight against this drug menace.

A huge delegation of the Poumai tribe, led by MLA of Karong AC J Kumo Sha, Poumai Naga Union President D Dailord Pao, Poumai Naga Women’s Union president P Delilah Pao and other CSO leaders submitted a resolution of the tribe declaring Poumai areas as Drug Free Zone to Chief Minister Biren Singh.

The decision to declare a Drug Free Zone and against poppy plantation was arrived at during the Poumai General Body Meeting held on April 28, 2022.

Expressing his gratitude to the Poumai Naga Union for their move to extend solidarity in the War on Drugs, Biren exhorted for support and co-operation from people of the state including those in the valley to help bring an end to the drug menace in the state.

Addressing the media at his secretariat, Biren informed that as many as 70 per cent of tribal communities from hill areas are continuously coming forward with their own discretion to uproot poppy cultivation in their region.


Cooperation is constantly pouring from hill communities as some other tribal communities are also prepared to lend their contribution in preventing poppy cultivation, the CM said.

It is indeed a historic moment, the Chief Minister said, highlighting that there have been instances of villages coming out in support of the War Against Drug, but it is the first time that such a large community or tribe has come out and declared such support to the War Against Drug.

Such decision of the tribal communities is highly appreciable, the CM said, adding that this kind of voluntary initiative is much needed from the valley for the sake of future generations by realising irreparable fallout of drug issues.

Thanking and appreciating the Poumai community, the Chief Minister further prayed for peace, well-being and future of the community. He also appealed to all communities and tribes to join the movement and reiterated his earlier stand that there will be no compromise on the issue of illegal drugs.

People involved in the drug business in the valley should understand that the drug menace is detrimental to the future of our society and put a stop to any illegal drug related businesses, the CM said.

“Though the government has launched the War on Drug campaign, it will never be a success without the support of the people. It is only the society that will benefit if War on Drugs is carried out effectively by uprooting drug crisis from state,” he added, while assuring that the state government will not compromise a single inch in any case related to drug menace.

He said that the state government views the drug menace as a very serious issue that directly threatens the future generation from existence.


Replying to a query in connection with diversion of urea fertilizers for poppy cultivation, he said that the state government had formed a monitoring team to keep a strong vigil about the urea distribution system in the state.

The state government would highly appreciate if people complain about misuse of urea fertilizer if they come across such instances, the CM said.

MLA J Kumo Sha appreciated the resolution of the Poumai community as the largest tribe of Senapati district to support the Chief Minister’s initiative of War against Drug and termed the tribe’s decision as the ‘wisest decision of the union and the people.’

The MLA appreciated the Chief Minister’s War Against Drug and said there is no one who says drug is good, and further appreciated and congratulated leaders of the tribe on taking the resolution, as one of the largest tribes in Senapati District, to lead from the front in the War Against Drug and declare all its jurisdiction as Drug Free Zone.

He further expressed hope that other tribes, communities from other districts will also follow the same.

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First published:8 May 2022, 1:22 am


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