Manipur Polls 2022: ECI orders repoll at 12 polling stations in three districts

Manipur CEO Rajesh Agrawal on Thursday announced repoll of 12 polling stations in three districts of Manipur on March 5

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Updated 4 Mar 2022, 12:24 pm

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Amid the demand for repoll in over 30 polling stations of the first phase of the state Assembly elections 2022 held on February 28, Manipur CEO Rajesh Agrawal on Thursday announced repoll of 12 polling stations in three districts - Imphal East, Kangpokpi and Churachandpur on March 5, as directed by the ECI.

The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Thursday declared the poll taken on February 28 at the 12 polling stations as void and ordered fresh poll / repoll in one polling station each in Khundrakpam and Saitu Assembly constituencies, another three in Thanlon AC, five in Henglep AC and two polling stations in Singhat AC, on March 5, from 7 am to 4 pm.

In Imphal East district, 1-Khundrakpam constituency, repoll has been ordered in polling station 1/20 Sarouthel.

In Kangpokpi district, 51-Saitu (ST) constituency, repoll will be held in polling station 51/46 New Keithelmanbi.


In Churachandpur district, 56-Thanlon constituency, repoll will be held in polling stations 56/5 Songsang, 56/10 Maite and 56/19 Tinsuong.

In 57-Henglep constituency, repoll will be held in polling stations 57/20 Majuron Kuki, 57/31 N Chingphei, 57/34 Khoirentak, 57/39 Molsang and 57/49 Leinom

In 60-Singhat constituency, repoll was ordered in 60/36 Teikot and 60/43 Maukot polling stations.

The proposal for re-poll in these polling stations was recommended based on the facts and information recieved from respective returning officers, the ECI stated in a release , explaining that one of the main reasons for consideration of re-polling was connected to damage of EVMs by miscreants during and after the poll.

"Such incidents lead to major discomfort to the electors of the polling station as their right to franchise gets infringed on the poll day and they will now need to come out again to exercise their rightful franchise on the day of repoll," the release mentioned.


Appealing to all electors of these polling stations to come out in big numbers to exercise their franchise, the CEO stated that the inconvenience caused due the incidents aforesaid was regretted.

The demand for repoll in the mentioned contituencies was made by several candidates of different political parties in the three districts, citing unlawful activities and gross violation of the Constitution.

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First published:3 Mar 2022, 6:46 am


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