Manipur has rich heritage of Martial Arts, says governor

Taekwondo is the way of the foot and fist, a form of self defending with only bare hands and feet. No weapons are ever used in Taekwondo, Governor La Ganesan said.

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Updated 12 May 2022, 10:59 pm

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Manipur Governor La Ganesan on Thursday declared the 16th Governor’s Taekwondo Cup tournament open at Indoor Stadium, Khuman Lampak Imphal. The opening ceremony was organized by All Manipur Taekwondo Association.

Addressing the gathering as chief guest, La Ganesan expressed his happiness for opening the 16th Governor’s Taekwondo Cup tournament. He said, “Taekwondo is the way of the foot and fist, a form of self defending with only bare hands and feet. No weapons are ever used in Taekwondo.”


Chief Guest La Ganesan maintained that the game of Taekwondo dates back over 2000 years and it has become one of the most popular sports in the world in which more than 40 million people from more than 142 countries in the world participated in Taekwondo games. In 2000, the game was introduced as an official Olympic event at the Sydney Australia Olympic Games.

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Stating that Manipur has rich heritage of Martial Arts like Thang-ta (Sword & Spear) that has constituted a significant component of the culture of the people. Manipuri Martial Arts have been a characteristic attribute of the history and civilisation of the state, he added.

Governor said that the aims and object of sports and games, as part of bringing glory and laurels for the country, is to instill the idea of discipline, orderliness, team spirit, qualities of leadership and patriotism. If youths are associated with games and sports which will in turn makes our Nation a powerful one, he said.

Further, he expressed his hope that the tournament will help in studying philosophy in finding out the requirements for further development of art. Efforts made by All Manipur Taekwondo Association deserved encouragement and support will help in popularizing and promoting Taekwondo in the State, he added. He also congratulates the players who won the match and encouraged the losers not to get dishearten always.


Social Welfare, Skill, Labour & Employment& Entrepreneurship and Fisheries Minister Heikham Dingo Singh also attended the occasion as functional President and addressed the gathering.

International player Nongdairel Khaba and Priyadhashini led the Oath taking by the players. Two minutes silence was observed to paid respect to the expired founder members of Taekwondo of Manipur.

The Taekwondo tournament which started from May 12, 2022 will continue till May 15, 2022 and there will be around 80 matches  during the four days event.

Participated by 630 players, including 218 girls and 412 boys, from 26 units of All Manipur Taekwondo Association and officials of Manipur Taekwondo Association were present in the opening ceremony.


First published:12 May 2022, 10:59 pm


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