Lok Sabha Elections 2024: NPF zeroes in on Timothy Zimik

In Inner Manipur NPF to support BJP candidate

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Updated 22 Mar 2024, 1:36 am


In a strategic move ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Manipur, the Naga Peoples’ Front (NPF), an ally of the BJP both at the Centre and the state level, has unveiled its plans for contesting the sole outer seat of inner MP and supporting the BJP in the chase for the single inner MP seat.

Following a series of deliberations within the central working committee, the NPF announced retired principal chief commissioner of Tax, Kachui Timothy Zimik, as its candidate for the outer MP seat of Manipur. The decision came after exhaustive discussions held at NPF Central Office in Kohima.

In an exclusive interview with the Imphal Free Press, the president of NPF Manipur, Awangbow Newmai, who also serves as a cabinet member in the CM Biren-led BJP government in Manipur, reflected on the past electoral alliances between the NPF and BJP.

He emphasised the spirit of cooperation between the two parties and expressed optimism about the NPF’s prospects, citing strong support from the people.


“It will not be a confrontational but rather cordial match between NPF and the BJP, but we have high hope that the NPF will win with the people’s support,” he said.

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The exact strategy for collaboration with the BJP is yet to be finalised, he said, highlighting plans to engage with the concerned authorities of the BJP to coordinate their participation in the elections.

Stating that NPF is always against corruption and will never subscribe to the trends of winning elections through bribery, he said they will go as simply as possible by going to the people with a message for peace, share their opinion and seek their support.

He said, being the second oldest regional party in the whole nation, the prime objective of NPF is and will always be peace and progress in the state and the Northeast region.  

Ever since the NPF was launched in Manipur the party has been working hard to bring peace through mutual respect to each other’s rights and will continue to work on it, the president added.


“We will fight this election for peace and will work for the welfare of the people particularly the weaker sections we believe in economy, political and social equality, we will do our best on this,” he said, calling for support from all segments of the Manipuri populace, regardless of community affiliations, to endorse the NPF’s vision for peace and prosperity in Manipur.

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Kachui Timothy Zimik, 62 years old, is a resident of Sinakeithel, Ukhrul district. He was a research scholar at the JNU New Delhi before joining the IRS.

During his career, he had served as the president of North-East Officers and Professionals Welfare Association, Kolkata; chairman of Guwahati Christian Fellowship; advisor of the Naga Students’ Union, Mumbai; president of the Tangkhul Student’s Union, Delhi; and the general secretary of the Tangkhul Student’s Union, Shillong.

The ticket distribution ceremony for Kachui Timothy Zimik is scheduled to be held on Thursday at 12 noon at its Central Office in Kohima.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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