Interference of ex-members led to unrest in functioning: AMSU

The All Manipur Students' Union has appealed for lifting of 144 CrPC from its headquarter

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Updated 12 Sept 2022, 1:59 pm

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)

Interference in the office of the All Manipur Students' Union (AMSU) by those who were expelled and resigned from the student's body had led to unrest in the functioning of its office and imposition of 144 CrPC in the surrounding area of its office since Saturday, AMSU president Haobijam Chalamba said Sunday. 

Briefing the media at THAU Ground in Imphal West, the president informed that former members of AMSU, who are no longer related with the union, had conveyed a general assembly of the union by mis-mobilising some students, taking the opportunity of absence of AMSU volunteers in its head office.

He said that the general assembly is totally against the constitution of the union as it suppressed the executive, advisory and district committees ahead of not giving any prior notification.

As a result, the 15-member Ad Hoc committee formed on Saturday is unacceptable, he said, apprising the public to not believe in such decisions taken by "fraudsters" which try to tarnish the image of AMSU which has been shining with pride for 57 years since its establishment.

Stating that a complaint had been lodged to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against those who disguised as AMSU members, he appealed to the state government to lift the 144 CrPC from the AMSU head office considering those students from far flung areas who are taking shelter at its head office.

Due to the unrest, Chalamba informed that the general body meeting of AMSU, which was scheduled on September 15, has been postponed for a few days.

He lastly called on the public to stay alert from those "imposters" who try to defame the name of AMSU for some vested interest.



On Saturday, the head office of All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) at DM university campus was locked by police along with a magistrate as CrPC 144 had been imposed at the area to prevent disturbance of peace.  

As per sources, a special general body meeting was also held at the head office by AMSU members who raised allegations against the executives of the student body. At the meeting, AMSU, Manipur University, Human Resource Development Committee former chairman Robindro Laishram alleged that the incumbent president of the student body for the term 2021-23 has been found to be employed as a lecturer at Naorem Birahari College which is a government aided college, as per sources. Therefore, a resolution was taken that a government employee must not be allowed to become a student leader, it stated.

It continued that he was forced to step down from his position due to misconduct by the AMSU 35th executive council meeting of the 2017-19 season. This incident should invalidate his current designation, it added.

The meeting declared the discharge of the former president from his position, accusing him of defaming AMSU and misleading the masses and the students.

It further stated that according to AMSU constitution, Election Rules: Mode of Election Rule no 9: Qualification of the candidates (B), the candidates of the president, vice president and general secretary should possess a degree certificate.

It continued that the present vice president (2022-2023) was found to be unqualified for the position, as he had passed class 12 in COHSEM exam of 2021 but did not possess a degree. It added that the special general body meeting had also declared the immediate removal of the vice president.

It alleged that the present general secretary had been working against the constitution of AMSU. It accused him of misusing his powers and disrupting the harmony of AMSU with its various branches. The general body had concluded to discharge the general secretary from his position owing to his misconduct, it added.

It also stated that the meeting had concluded to dissolve the present executive council and advisory committee. It continued that the Ad Hoc executive council of 15 members and Ad Hoc advisory committee of three members will take charge of AMSU until the next election for the selection of the executive council and advisory committee.


Following the dissolution of the committee, the present letterhead, seals and all identification of AMSU used by the executive council and the advisory committee will no longer be valid, it declared. 

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