Eviction work along Nagamapal road to resume soon: Work Minister

an amicable solution is likely to be brought outside the court between the government and land owners who are opposing eviction along Nagamapal stretch, said Work Minister Govindas Konthoujam

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Updated 13 Jun 2022, 6:57 am

Manipur Work Minister Govindas Konthoujam  (Photo: IFP)
Manipur Work Minister Govindas Konthoujam (Photo: IFP)

Pending expansion work along Nagamapal stretch will be resumed soon as an amicable solution is likely to be brought outside the court between the government and land owners who are opposing eviction, said Work Minister Govindas Konthoujam on Sunday.

Responding to the media regarding incomplete eviction work along Nagamapal stretch, the minister said that the eviction work is going to be resumed soon. Government and the land owners who are opposing the eviction are going to bring an amicable solution outside the court, he informed.

He said Chief Minister N Biren Singh is trying to get a special package for the said eviction purpose.


Nagamapal road has been one of the most traffic congested major-city roads in the heart of the city.

The previous government started planning on eviction of western side of Nagamapal stretch and the eviction work was started in 2005. However, some landowners opposed evicting their buildings as the land owners and government failed to bring a settlement regarding the rate of compensation fixed by the government, he said.

In 2018, after the coming of the Biren-led coalition government, the state government tried to resume the eviction work but two out of seven landowners of the land to be evicted had opposed the eviction through the High Court of Manipur. Since then, the seven lands have not been evicted and due to the reason and road expansion about a kilometre has remained incomplete, he said.

Due to the incompleted road expansion work, commuters are still facing huge traffic congestion from Nagamapal Kangjabi to Nagamapal Pukhri Achouba along the stretch.

Black topping on eastern side of the road was to be completed in 2018, however due to the incomplete work of eviction and road expansion, the black topping was also halted indefinitely.


Earlier in 2018, local Meira Paibies of Nagamapal carried a road blockade along the stretch demanding to complete the road expansion work as many people, including the locals, had been facing severe problems regarding incompletion of road expansion.

It has been reported that since the eviction and road expansion work began, about 13 lives have been lost due to inappropriate road conditions along the stretch.

It was reported earlier in the media that the land owners were against the rate of Rs 395 per square feet as compensation as fixed by the government as they claimed that the rate for compensation is very low. The land owners had demanded a compensation amount as per sale date of 2012.

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First published:13 Jun 2022, 6:57 am


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IFP Bureau

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