Congress committee demands scrutinising of license gun holders

“The recent gun attack at Goshwami residence is unfortunate. We condemned it at the strongest term.”

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Updated 13 Feb 2023, 5:48 pm

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Condemning the series of attacks on Congress party over the last few days particularly the gun attack at the residence of MPCC vice-president Hareshwar Goshwami, the Yaiskul Block Congress Committee (YBCC) on Monday staged a sit-in protest at Wangkhei Pooja Lampal in Imphal East.

The commitee demanded a thorough scrutiny of all the license gun holders and benefitting punishment of those who are found using guns for criminal and intimidation activities rather than self-defence.

Speaking to the media, YBCC president Akham Bimolchandr, highlighted the series of attacks on the Congress party by some unknown miscreants whose motives are not curtained yet.


He said gun culture has become a great threat to the society where many gun license holders, issued by the government, have been misusing the gun even in the political platform.

Pointing out that the MPCC vice-president was a man of integrity who has been in the frontline in every core issue of the state including the border pillar issue, he said that Goshwami has not received a single threat in the past.

He said, “The recent gun attack at Goshwami residence is unfortunate. We condemned it at the strongest term.”


Deducting from the cartridges and bullets recovered from the firing incident, the gun used in the attack is highly suspected to be a license gun, he added.

The YBCC president stressed the urgent need of scrutinising the license gun holders to ensure that those committed such crimes are being rewarded as per the law. It will be the only way to curb this crime of gun culture in Manipur, he said.

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IFP Bureau

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