Gaichanglungliu G. Kamei

Gaichanglungliu G. Kamei

Indian Revenue Service Officer. She writes, driven by hope and inspiration in the bubbles of life.

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A Thunderstorm Today

Posted on 16 Aug 2020

Pelting my face to a glistening ruby gleam, Rinsing my hair to a gleaming ebony sheen, Soaking my soul like nourishing comfort soups...

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My Amazonian friend

Posted on 4 Jul 2020

In awe I read, of nature’s might and deeds, Season her faithful partner, shadowing her.

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Posted on 21 Jun 2020

I am today, The child you showed what precious means. And always precious you will be to me.

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Of Hope and Heart

Posted on 13 Jun 2020

How long should be the rope of hope, Stringing along our heartfelt dreams and plans? What if this rope that’s quickly wearing thin Be shorter than our mortal earthly life...

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