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My Amazonian friend

In awe I read, of nature’s might and deeds, Season her faithful partner, shadowing her.

ByGaichanglungliu G. Kamei

Updated 4 Jul 2020, 3:02 pm

Representational image (PHOTO: Unsplash)
Representational image (PHOTO: Unsplash)

A loyal friend I am! I do proclaim.

My precious books I never will betray.

With their quiet stately poise on shelves,

They reassure me as do friends themselves.

I need to see my books, I petulantly pout.

All lined up for my lazy easy reach and feel,

Today this thrilling book, tomorrow that funny one!

Like hungry crazy cravings of a mother to be.


In awe I read, of nature’s might and deeds,

Season her faithful partner, shadowing her.

She made or wrecked the lives and lands,

Of those she chose in random mode.

Of promises stored through seasons stark,

Previewed in pretty springtime sprays,

And then fulfilled year-long with seasonal fruit,

Feeding the hungry, man and creatures all. 



With those I read about, I laughed out loud,

Cried generous tears or fumed indignant wrath,

Suspense wrought taut my prickly neck. 

Romance and lust on parallel paths did walk,

With heartless men and good Samaritans.

Of virtuous women and men of honor I did read,

Much glory to their lands they brought.

Alas, heart wrenching plights of children too.


Virtual kingdoms and lands in all these books

Are delightfully Deja vu in all my travels real.

I dare say, times I spent with each and all of them

Compare with joyful mirth with siblings shared.

For reading traits I thank my parents dear.

They taught me well, what precious friends are books,

When wisely chosen like other friends in life.

They always quietly give and ne’er expect.



Indeed their smells are all distinct and real,

And memories I have of each dear book.

A musky smell has one, a tangy smell that one.

Of delicious boiled potatoes one certainly smells,

Though strange and silly that may sound.

On some a dear perfume is fondly sprayed,

On one a flower pressed, romantic memories stored. 

Oh yes, they also have their eccentricities.


Would all these myriad sensations 

Be kindled by my new found friend the Kindle?

And God forbid, would Kindle, books to kindle turn?

Or will this Amazonian friend I have embraced,

Who no doubt saved an Amazonian forest dear,

Be part and parcel of my merry bunch?

Yes, friends have come indeed in different forms.

Of this one too, the more the merrier! I do say.


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Gaichanglungliu G. Kamei

Gaichanglungliu G. Kamei

Indian Revenue Service Officer. She writes, driven by hope and inspiration in the bubbles of life.


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