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Arambam Luther

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Growing distaste for education

Posted on 16 Sept 2022

Education does not guarantee a job, and therefore, dedicating time in making money from an early age is considered wise, or they have found a way to make money without struggling for education which is considered a one-way route to making an income.

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Privacy and Data concerns

Posted on 26 Aug 2022

A new data protection bill envisages a Data Protection Authority which is going to be responsible for protection and regulation of data. It is highly crucial that this body remains independent.

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Chronic lethargy and migrant workers

Posted on 5 Aug 2022

Although the state had implemented the ILP system, it still remains a general concern of the public regarding the influx of non-Manipuris into the state that the indigenous population is under threat of facing extinction.

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A Matter of Pride

Posted on 1 Aug 2022

The victory of our sports players at a global arena certainly provokes us to think about the potential of our community regardless of its smallness in size.


Carbon awareness for consumers

Posted on 15 Jul 2022

Certain terms such as Carbon Footprint and ways to measure or reduce it by an individual’s daily activities remain absent from the daily conversations or concerns of the common man.

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Bridging the digital divide

Posted on 24 Jun 2022

The media in Manipur must consider its obligation to satisfy the general curiosity of those who are still ignorant of the intricacies and complexities of the indigenous people of the Northeast and the state. This can be done by bringing in the light of information to the digital sphere.

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Gender sensitisation for medical practitioners

Posted on 4 Jun 2022

Society can be saved by well informed and educated citizens who are well aware of their rights and respect other genders’ rights besides their own. Progress can be made by granting women her rights enshrined in the Constitution, and she should be freed from gender stereotypes.

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