Poor infrastructure robs Khangkhui Khullen of its tourism potential

Khangkhui Khullen in Ukhrul district has a high potential for war tourism as well as ecotourism, but places of tourist interest in the village are yet to be fully explored owing to poor road connectivity and absence of good infrastructures.

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Updated 14 Sept 2022, 4:23 pm

(Photo: IFP)
(Photo: IFP)


Among the many tourist destinations in Manipur, Khangkhui Khullen in Ukhrul district is one with a high tourism potential with prospects for war tourism as well as ecotourism, but tourist spots in the village, including the Khangkhui Cave (Mangsor), are yet to be fully explored owing to poor road connectivity and absence of good infrastructures.

It was a moment of happiness for the villagers when Chief Minister N Biren announced to set up a tourist lodge, community hall and develop the Khangkhui Cave to attract tourists in 2017.

While the execution of the developmental works under the tourism department began in 2020, the villagers were left unhappy over the lack of quality in the construction of the infrastructures and development of road stretch connecting NH-102 and Nungshang Junction under the PMGSY.

In an interaction with a team of media persons who visited Khangkhui Khullen, village authority secretary Silas Tuikhar said that the ambitious initiative of the government to promote tourism in the village will not serve its purpose without the infrastructures being up to the mark. 

He alleged that the PMGSY road connecting the village and NH-102 is extremely narrow and constructed without quality in addition to the slow progress.

When asked about the damaged portions of the roof of the tourist lodge encountered by the media persons, he said that even the right roofing sheets were not used and quality was not maintained during the construction. He further lamented that the floor of the community hall also started developing cracks.

Even the footpath with railing, garden and parking area at Khangkhui Cave have not been developed properly, he added.


He alleged that even sand and stones used in construction of the structures were obtained on credit from the villagers. Silas expressed disappointment against the contractors who are executing the works.

“Authorities concerned must also properly inspect the work progress to ensure quality maintenance,” he said. He further urged the government to avoid inaugurating the buildings in its present status.

Meanwhile, Tourism Development Organisation, Khangkhui Khullen, chairman Sami Ignatius KH said that the village can be called a ‘tourism village’ considering its huge potential.

“From caves to Second World War battlefields and also diverse flora and fauna, the village has many things to offer, and tourists will be captivated,” he said.

He elaborated that there is a perfect site for trekking for a walk with nature just a few hundreds of metres away on the eastern side from the Khangkhui Cave.

Besides, battlefields of Khorung and Harbakhangai where the Japanese and the British tested each other's might for the first time in Manipur's soil is also in the village, he said.

Ignatius further highlighted that mesmerizing view of Rhododendron flowers can be seen throughout February and March. The place is also home to orchids of various kinds and flowers like kaempferia, he added.

Meanwhile, according to the village authority, at least 600 people visited the village in a day, especially during the Shirui Lily festival and the Shirui flowering season.


It is said that the monthly footfall of tourists also exceeds 8,000 in the right season.

In such a situation, it is high time the government took necessary steps to address the grievances of the villagers when it comes to right infrastructures with good quality so that its venture to boost tourism bears fruits.

There is no doubt Manipur is an enchanting land that attracts domestic as well as foreign tourists throughout the year with its vibrant culture, landscapes and many more, and its potential for tourism can be boosted by providing the right infrastructures.

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