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Manipur State League 2021: AIM, YHPU, KLASA put up convincing win

AIM Khabam got the better of AFC Thoubal by 4-2 goals in the 14th Manipur State League 2021.

ByIFP Sports Correspondent

Updated on 14 Jan 2022, 6:53 pm

Representational Image (Photo: Unsplash)

Representational Image (Photo: Unsplash)

AIM Khabam got the better of AFC Thoubal by 4-2 goals in the 14th Manipur State League 2021 sponsored by Kh Joykishan Singh and played at Artificial Turf, Lamlong Thongkhong.

AIM made their intention clear from the start as they made maximum inroads in the game and brought forth the result when Ch Naresh getting a cross from the right, netted home the opening goal in the 13th minute of play. Before AFC could realise what hit them, N James consolidated AIM position with a goal in the 15th minute.

Riding high with the success, AIM continued their onslaught and it was the turn of E Joykishan who pumped home the third goal in 26 minute to dictate terms in the match. AFC limped back into the game with Loyangamba fetching his team's first goal in the 32nd minute, which inspired their second half performance.

Finding it hard to get a closer shot to the goal, AFC somewhat let down their guard and AIM latched on to anything loose and came up with the fourth goal from Ksh Milan in the 82nd minute. But AFC, in a quick counter attack, fetched their second goal from Loyangamba in 86th minute. However, the damage had already been done and AFC hardly could make further comeback. AFC player Ch Akash got a yellow card in the match.

In the other matches, YPHU Lalambung beat NACO Nambul Mapal by 5-0 goals. Desperate for a win YPHU showed urgency in the game and rightly so, they picked up their opening goal in the 20th minute from Lunkhongam. Later, Renedy struck twice while Sadananda and Th Jugesh scored a goal each for the victory.

YPHU players Bobosana, O Rohit, Y Kamando and NACO players Somiyar, Rajnikanta got booked with yellow cards for reckless foul.

On the other hand, KLASA Keinou overcame KIYC Kshetrigao by 2-1 goals. Keinou's zealous effort in the game paid off with old warhorse L Nabachandra getting both the goals in the 28th and 51st minute of the game for the lead. KIYC, who had a testing time in the game, was able to come up with the lone goal from Ng Prem Singh in the 85th minute.

KIYC players Kono Baris, Md Sabir Ali, Md Shahrukh Khan and KLASA players Kishan Thongam, L Monish and S Dhanachandra received yellow cards in the match.  

First published:14 Jan 2022, 6:53 pm


IFP Sports Correspondent

IFP Sports Correspondent

Sports Bureau, Imphal, Manipur

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