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AIM Khabam, KLASA Keinou pull off wins in 14th Manipur State League

The 14th Manipur State League 2021 sponsored by Kh.Joykishan Singh and organized by AMFA at Artificial Turf, Lamlong Thongkhong, Imphal East.

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Updated on 13 Dec 2021, 3:36 pm

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AIM Khabam pulled off 2-1 goals win against NACO Nambul Mapal in the 14th Manipur State League 2021 sponsored by Kh Joykishan Singh and organized by AMFA at Artificial Turf, Lamlong Thongkhong, Imphal East.

NACO Nambul Mapal proved to be a hard nut to crack as they withstood the onslaught of the attack from AIM in the first half. However, NACO seemed to have a different strategy, waiting to pounce on loose ends and they got one in 36 minute when Ngamgoulam surprised its opponent, banging home the opening goal for the lead in the first half.

AIM Khabam, realizing the goal deficit on their shoulder, rushed up things in the second half and their constant run fetched them rich dividends with L. Lamyanba fetching the equalizer in the 50 minute to level 1-1 goals.

However AIM Khabam over enthusiastic and aggression also cost them a player as E. Joykishan was sent off with a red card by referee L. Priyobrata from double caution in 19 minute and finally the marching order in 75 minute of play.

Reduced to ten men, AIM did not let their guard down but continued their attacking game and effort paid off in 83 minute with Bikash Yumnam getting the winning goal for the victory today. AIM players Michael, Kenson and NACO player Paominlal, Suman got a yellow card in the match.

In the other match, KLASA FC,Keinou blanked DM Rao, Sekmai by 3-0 goals to collect full point. Binaton and Romesh struck a goal each in the first half play while Lunminlal consolidates in the second half play for the deserving win. KLASA player Dhanachandra and DM Rao players Jimson, Kuikui Lamang got yellow card in the match.

In tomorrow's matches, Neroca FC, Sangakpham will take on KIYC Khetrigao in the first match while AFC Thoubal Athokpam will meet Muvanlai Athletics.

First published:13 Dec 2021, 3:36 pm


IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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