The Dairy of Friendship - Let's Read It!

"Every creature has a connection before their meet. When you miss your friend just look once into the sky who knows your future best friend and you are looking at the same rainbow in the sky”.

ByJeet Keisham

Updated 3 Sept 2023, 5:58 am

(Image: Unsplash)
(Image: Unsplash)

There once was a magical world called Morsia. There were many mythical creatures in Morsia. After 10,000 years, Morsia witnessed an imbalance. Spiky plants started growing, and some regions of the world experienced day and others experienced night.

About 50,000 years ago, Morsia was divided into six parts; Equestria, where ponies, pegasus, unicorns and alicorns lived, Oceania, where sea creatures lived; Dragonia, where dragon lived; Forestria, where birds lived; Mountainia, where bunnies lived; Peaniria, where peacocks lived.

There was a forest in the middle of Morsia.

There were trees in the forest called the Trees of friendship. There were 6 elements that grew in the tree. The elements were the element of beauty, hope, bravery, healing, strength and leadership.

In Equestria, there was a unicorn who helped other ponies heal. His name was Staring Sparkle. In Oceania, there was a dolphin named Hidam Rakesh who helped by giving hope to other animals.

In Dragonia, there was a dragon named Ember Spuria which is a dragon with bravery. In Forestria, there was a parrot named Peter which is a parrot with full of strength.

In Mountainia, there was a bunny named Berny which is a bunny with leadership. In Peaniria, there was a peacock called Auzawl which is a beautiful peacock. One day Staring Sparkle was studying some books of magic to stop the imbalance near a waterfall.

Suddenly, Rakesh fell from the waterfall and his tails were injured: so Staring Sparkle healed him with the magic of healing and they became friend they start studying together.

They found a book; they studied it and came to know about the six elements stone and high friend.

One day they went to a forest and saw a beautiful peacock; they quickly became friends and they chatted about the imbalance every day. After sometime they made friends with Peter and Berny.

One day they decided to write a diary about their friendship, so every creature will know the power of friendship. They wrote the diary every day.

They also learned something about friendship every day like 2 different creatures can become friends, honesty is the best policy, generosity is the best personalities, fun is also important in friendship, loyalty can make friendship more powerful, kindness can do anything and most important friendship is magic.

One day, all the friends were swimming and enjoying a sunny day in the bank of a river. Suddenly, a dragon was fighting with another dragon and the five friends wanted to stop this fighting because they know that life is not made for fighting.

Peter and Auzawl fly up and try to understand both the dragons. But they were attacked and ther wings burned. Peter and Auzawl were injured. So, Staring Sparkle healed them and Rakesh and Berny also tried to stop the fight by throwing shells and berries but it didn’t work. So, Staring Sparkle have to used his powerful magic to stop the fight the magic named was ‘’ Calm your mind and be friends’’. This magic worked and both the dragon hugged and became friend.

One went but another dragon Ember wasinjured, so Staring Sparkle used his magic and healed him. They 6 became friends. Ember also started writing diary like the others 5. But the imbalance in the magical world was increasing. So, they 6 decided to stop this. They all searched the biggest library in Magical world. But they didn’t find anything. Rakesh found a book; in that book, there were 6 locks in the branches of the friendship tree. In those locks, they can find the elements.

So, Berny decided to read the diary of friendship.


In that diary he noticed something. Berny asked all to read the diary of friendship together. They said “yes let’s read it”, and try to find the 6 keys.  They read it and they also noticed something.

In that diary...,

Staring Sparkle healed an injured pony and she gave him rainbow flower.

Rakesh gave hope to an octopus and he gave him a rainbow shell.

Berny did some leadership to grow a tree for a hungry squirrel and the squirrel gave him a rainbow badge.

Ember fought bravery with a lion to save another dragon...

and the dragon give him a rainbow coin.

Peter helps a bird to make nest with strength and the bird gave him a soft toy.

Auzawl helped someone to stich a shirt for a crow with his feather and made a beautiful shirt...

and the crow gave him a rainbow thread.

Ember said, “pack your bags we are going to find that tree and the locks”.

Berny said the ancestor of bunnies said that the tree is in a dangerous forest. They risked their lives and go to that forest.

In the forest, there was a high peak, they did not see the peak and fell from the mountain.

Suddenly Berny used the power of leadership to save them. After travelling some kilometres, they met a sad monster.

The monster was sad because nobody loved him and Rakesh gave hope to the monster. After some time, they saw a lion attacking them.

All friends attacked him except Staring Sparkle because he saw a needle in the leg of lion and he uses his magic to help the lion and also heal him.

Peter found a weak old rat holding his cheese very hardly, so Peter helped him and gave the rat strength.


Auzawl saw a sad dragon because the scale of that dragon was broken and Auzawl could not tolerate his sadness and held the broken scale and cut his beautiful feather and gave him to the dragon and told him to use it as his scale.

Suddenly, a monster captures all the friends except Ember and he challenged the monster for a fight. They fought for a long time and Ember showed his bravery and defeated the monster for his friends. He saved his friend and went ahead in search of that tree.

Finally, they found the tree and go there. They saw a rainbow branch each branch had one colour.

In this world, the rainbow has only six colours pink, blue, yellow, orange, red and green. They put all things. They turn into keys and they all open the key at once and a rainbow was formed...

and transform Staring Sparkle into a rainbow winged alicorn.

Rakesh turns into a gemstone dolphin and his gemstone mark turned into a rainbow colour mark.

Berny have a beautiful rainbow wing.

Peter beck into a rainbow beck.

Auzawl feathers into a beautiful rainbow feathers...

and Ember wings and his fire turned into rainbow colour.

The imbalance in the Morsia stopped and the tree was transformed into a castle.

After that day, the friends were called Princes of Friendship.

They wrote in the last page of diary...

"Every creature has a connection before their meet. When you miss your friend just look once into the sky who knows your future best friend and you are looking at the same rainbow in the sky”.

(To be concluded)

The author is a student of Class VI, Career Foundation English School, Manipur



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diary of friendshipmagical worldelements of friendshipmorsia

Jeet Keisham

Jeet Keisham

The author is a student of Class VI, Career Foundation English School, Manipur


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