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Bees in our blossom gardens

The music was driving me crazy And the food was great as they cheer and dance!

ByShongminthang Haokip

Updated 13 Dec 2020, 6:12 am

(Image by Shongminthang Haokip)
(Image by Shongminthang Haokip)


Now that every eye on our backyard

As our beautiful blossoms attract

every bee far and near

Today our daughters are lured to fame

Wannabe models dominate minds and souls

of our young generations


Brand promotion, just photoshoot as they started

Stealthily they lost their sights while

dreaming beyond our ways

They learnt to shrug off; what did I lose!


As yet those outfits in the frame either makes us

pride or disgraceful unimaginably


DM or PM for collaboration! they profiled proudly

Where creepy-crawlies behind find

their ways like predators

Dress up makeup as nightlife falls

‘Blessed!’ they captioned selfies while holding

bubbling beers and wines


The music was driving me crazy

And the food was great


as they cheer and dance!

Live, laugh and love— who cares? they smirked

Strangers, at first sight, they greet as if they have

known for years, sensually


Inevitable is societal changes ahead

Let the western wind blow

freely across hemispheres

From bustling California to Delhi and Mumbai

As long as we steer the directions with

our values and dignity.



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Shongminthang Haokip

Shongminthang Haokip



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