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Age of Unreason

Should I keep mum and wait For the One to break his silence... To turn his gaze upon us... Miserable souls and victims

ByNarda Ningthouja

Updated 31 Dec 2023, 4:43 am


Should I write about

The hate-spewing machine

Spinning yarns of venom

Casting half-truths for effect

Events turned upside down

Flavoured with selective episodes

Splattered with gory images

Of victims unaware of the narrative

Blown out of proportion

To the waiting arms of trolls

Social guerillas stationed somewhere

And a pliant media eager to please.


Should I worry about

The illegals nesting in my land

Narco-terrorists and refugees of war

Overlords of poppy and opium


Land-grabbers and multiplying chieftains

Of conspiracies hatched elsewhere

On the drawing board of geo-politics

Goading the naive militants in bunkers

Indigent womenfolk on the highways

Selling a distant dream of separation

Gathering the kindred, forming alliances

In quest of a ‘Unpromised land’.


Should I cry arms and legs stretched

For the imbeciles and courtiers

Ego-nourishers and self-seekers

Surrounding the self-centred Prince

Anointed by master-puppeteers;

Or for the self-appointed patriots

Of a resurgent Meitei nation

Bereft of an outcome and end

Standing tall in the comfort zone


Dancing to the beat of a broken drum

To an unfinished song, out of tune

While the villagers die in bunkers.


Should I keep mum and wait

For the One to break his silence

To turn his gaze upon us

Miserable souls and victims

Caught in intermittent crossfire

Of bullets and bombs raining

Of virulent posts and tweets

Poisoning our minds and senses

Or for the proverbial monkey

To sit on the mound in judgement

And distribute the bread crumbs

Among we, lesser beings.



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manipur unrestmanipur conflictnarco terrorism

Narda Ningthouja

Narda Ningthouja

Imphal, Manipur


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