The value of discipline in student's life

Discipline being a part and parcel of life, has to be inculcated to the minds while at a tender age.

ByThingbaijam Gagarin Singh

Updated on 16 Dec 2021, 3:31 pm

Representational Image (Photo: Unsplash)

Representational Image (Photo: Unsplash)


The celestial bodies also known as heavenly bodies follow their own fixed part ororbit. In our solar system, with the sun as the star and the other planets orbiting it, it is a matter of awe and fascination that none of the planets of our solar system ever collide because each maintains their own fixed path or orbit. If one planet doesn’t follow its orbit, then things will go haywire and all the planets may collide one after another leading to catastrophe.  

So, how is it that these celestial objects maintain a state of equilibrium with each planet performing their duty with zero error. The answer to this is “DISCIPLINE”. It is a word which one doesn't find its definition to be an easy one. It is through discipline only that the world exists cordially, otherwise there will be total chaos. Discipline being a part and parcel of life, has to be inculcated to the minds while at a tender age. Otherwise there will be no respect among young and old, menand women, employers and employees, students and teachers, etc.             

Discipline is the very essence of life. Without discipline, the individual is a lost soul and undisciplined people will make a world a lost cause. A simple example may be made of a house. Its foundations have to be symmetrical to one another. Such maintenance of symmetry by the foundations is an example of discipline. If one of the foundations doesn't maintain its symmetry, the house will either get short lived or collapse in the event of a natural disaster.  

Students and discipline are so intertwined. A class of undisciplined students is not a class at all, it is a hallmark of anarchy and chaos. Here comes the role of the teachers as second parents. The students, since his/herinception in the school, have to be bound by the rules and regulations of the school and which the students should follow with heart and soul. That is the beginning of inculcation of discipline to the students.Various factors will then come into play to make each student a top-notched disciplined one. Here, interpersonal relationships crop up. Being too harsh to the students will build up a sense of rebellion against the teachers by the students. Being too lenient is also a lacuna on the part of the school. The students should be able to flow as per their tendency and it is to be made sure that an equilibrium is maintained in the school where everybody respects one another,and has affection for others irrespective of young or old. Compassion is an essential component in maintaining discipline. There are times when a teacher has to use harsh words or give punishment to a student due to the student's own doing, however, a pat at the back will dissipate all the mental pain that the student endured and will come to term that those were only for the sake of his own good.  

Without discipline, a student can never grow up in life, an undisciplined student can never be a responsible member of a society or a nation. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that discipline is inculcated to the students at a very tender age. The hurdle that comes in the way is how to inculcate discipline to the students not in a military or a harsh way which sometimes causes post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to the students later on. Never, in any circumstances should terrorisation take place in a temple of learning. The terror created by the staff resides in the minds of students for years perturbing their mental balance. Inculcation of discipline, as per the author can be carried out in the following ways:

1. The teachers should be role models for the kids: Instead of ordering the kids to do this or that the teachers should carry out thevery work be it cleaning the floor, furniture, putting things in orderly manner in front of the kids. The minds of the tender kids will definitely absorb the facts that such are mandatory parts of discipline. The kids of Japan before learning their A, B, Cs ...start with cleaning the school for one/two years. That is the beginning of discipline incorporated in them which they will never forget in their lives. In fact, the system is a lifechanger. That's why Japan is known as one of the cleanest countries in the world — the result of discipline. 

2. Setting Examples: The Teachers over and above teaching about discipline to the kids should set examples. They should be properly dressed,respect their seniors, use soft words,be very punctual and waste no time. This they should showcase to the kids. As the kids look after the teachers as role models, they will definitely follow them and their discipline will get progressive. 

3. Counseling: All kids will not be the same as per the way they are brought up, due to the difference of family set-up. Some kids are very adamant and aggressive, Counselling Should be given to those kids instead of giving punishments and like sick people taken extra care in a hospital, these kids should be given extra care, attention, love and affection. 

4. Group Discussion on Discipline: Students should be grouped and each group should be allowed to participate in Group Discussion onDiscipline. This should be done in a routine affair i.e. twice in a month or so. If any point deviates from discipline, the observer should correct and bring home the point about discipline to the students. 

5. Periodic Tests on Discipline: Every school in the world takes exams on various subjects/topics except discipline. It should be made mandatory that periodic tests on discipline should be conducted and the marks acquired by the students should be reflected in the marks of their final exam also.  

The above mentioned points are not the only panacea for improvement of discipline amongst students but are small steps which will go a long way in augmentation of discipline to students of the school.   

(The views expressed are personal) 

First published:16 Dec 2021, 3:31 pm


Thingbaijam Gagarin Singh

Thingbaijam Gagarin Singh

Lecturer in Physics, Jiribam Higher Secondary School, Manipur

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