Dimapur left behind to rot: RPP

Pointing out several problems facing Nagaland commercial hub Dimapur, the RPP said it is obvious that the state government has misplaced priorities.


Updated 16 Sept 2023, 5:28 am

Dimapur, Nagaland  (PHOTO: WikimediaCommons)
Dimapur, Nagaland (PHOTO: WikimediaCommons)

The Rising People’s Party (RPP) has expressed serious concern over the problems facing Dimapur, Nagaland commercial hub.

The RPP said in a release, “As if the multiple taxations, filth, drugs, booth legging, traffic woes, syndicate system, crumbling infrastructure were not enough, the whole of Dimapur was flooded on the evening of September 12. Dimapur, once the fastest growing city in the entire NE, is now being left behind to rot”.

RPP said it is obvious that the state government has misplaced priorities. For instance, instead of nurturing Dimapur, the NDPP-BJP coalition is now contemplating a mini-city around Chathe Prayer Centre area, it said.

The audacity of this announcement is simply incredible. Apart from the question of sustainability, it does not take a rocket scientist to fathom who’ll benefit from the works, the party added.


According to the Nagaland based political party, the regular occurrence of dengue outbreak in Dimapur is directly linked to flooding and clogged drainages. The state government should immediately direct the district administration to cancel all pattas issued illegally over swamps and sewages, and all illegal structures should be demolished.

The government and the concerned MLAs of Dimapur should concentrate on revamping the entire drainage system of Dimapur, it added.

The September 12 deluge flooded Dimapur runway as well, and not for the first time. “If land encroachers have obstructed the expansion of both the airport and the Dimapur railway station, what is stopping the state government from immediately evicting all the encroachers?,” the RPP asked.

The responsibility of any government is to take iron-willed decisions but the Monsoon Session of the 14th NLA has simply shown the limitations of an opposition-less government, it stated.


According to RPP, the single-minded pursuit of Chiethu Airport by the government at the cost of neglecting Dimapur airport is simply stunning. The only conclusion to be drawn from this outrage is nothing else but the pursuit of personal benefits and enrichment.

If the same determination with which Chiethu Airport was pursued in the last 10 years had been applied for a new Dimapur airport as well, Nagaland would have had an International Airport by now, it also said.

RPP then said that, while a few MLAs are appreciated for raising issues in the just concluded 14 Assembly Session, the highlighted points are some of the serious issues which should have been discussed and debated by the 60 MLAs.

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