Nagaland Film Festival opens; goverment working on film policy to facilitate local artistes

'Working towards framing the Nagaland Film Policy in a very simple and friendly manner which would facilitate local artistes as well as filmmakers coming to Nagaland.'


Updated on 3 Dec 2021, 6:02 pm

(Representational Image: Unsplash)

(Representational Image: Unsplash)

The much awaited third Nagaland Film Festival, Hornbill Edition, began on Friday at the Capital Convention Center, Kohima.

Nagaland Chief Secretary, Nagaland, J Alam, stated that Nodal department for films in the State, the IPR department is firstly working towards framing the Nagaland Film Policy in a very simple and friendly manner which would facilitate local artists as well as filmmakers coming to Nagaland. He hoped that the young talents of the State will utilize the platform provided during the event and use inputs from the experts.

He also said films have the potential to play an important role as a medium of entertainment, information and education and as a catalyst for social change. He added that they are a facet of a mass culture and mass art. Alam said that films made by Naga filmmakers have been creating an impact not only at the national level but also in the international arena. He added that the film festival has garnered a very positive response with participation not only from Northeastern States but from the mainland India and global cinema at large.

The Chief Secretary then opined that film makers are turning their interests to the North Eastern states. He said that the film industry has one of the highest potentials to provide employment opportunities. He expressed with optimism that the film sector in the State will grow and make a mark at the national and international level.

Additional Secretary, IPR, Asangla Imti NCS delivered the welcome note. President, Nagaland Film Association (FAN), Kivini Shohe in her short speech said that film making is in a very nascent stage in Nagaland and film makers have to work in honing their skills to become better cinematographers, directors, writers, actors etc. She also expressed gratitude to the Department of IPR for their support in all times. Pelenuo Yhome performed a special number.

The result of the online film competition was declared during the programme where the winners were felicitated by the Chief Secretary, Nagaland. 1st prize was bagged by Tiakumzuk Pongener for Abnormal who received a cash prize of Rs. 25, 000/- with certificate. The 2nd prize went to Cimematixx for The Dancing Philosopher who received a cash of Rs. 15,000/- and certificate. The 3rd prize was won by joint winners, Kupe-ü Krome for The Bright Side and Rehti Thonger for Forever & Always and they received a cash of Rs. 10,000/- and certificates each.

On the first day, Angh, An Engineered Dream, Bethlehem, and Look at the Sky were screened. Masterclass on Film tourism was presented by Alexander Pou and workshop on scriptwriting was conducted by Munish Bhardwaj.

The Nagaland Film Festival is being organised by the Department of Information & Public Relations in collaboration with the Film Association of Nagaland (FAN) and National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) and will be held till December 5

First published:3 Dec 2021, 6:02 pm




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