'I used flute to capture his feelings and Spanish guitar to portray the feelings of warmth exhibited by his son'

Alvaro Turrion, sound composer of 'Magoada', explains the interplay of the sound of music in the film for a compelling revelation of Peio's dilemma.

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Spanish film Magoado of debut director Ruben Sainzis is competing for the Best Debut Feature Film at the 52nd edition of the International Film Festival of India at Panaji, Goa. The film dwells on emotional drama that revolves around Peio who struggles through forced parenthood - should he accept or reject his son.

Speaking on the sidelines of the festival, Magoado's sound composer Alvaro Turrion said that the film is the story of a man who is not ready to take responsibility of a father and is in a dilemma about whether to accept or reject his son.

Clueless about being a parent, nor interested in being one. Peio is shaken from his secretive life spent in hiding when his adolescent son makes a sudden and unexpected appearance into his life. The forced challenge of parenthood that is thrust upon him leaves him with a choice no less than rethinking his very life.

Turrion explained the acoustic techniques used in order to authentically capture the solitary lifestyle and simple disposition of the main character. “The main character is a very simple person, living a solitary life. Hence very simple instruments were used to capture his feelings.  I avoided harmonies or melodies.  I used flute to capture his feelings and Spanish guitar to portray the feelings of warmth exhibited by his son.”

The choice of sounds was motivated by the narrative style of the film, which leans toward  documentary rather than fiction, added Turrioin. “Director Sainz asked me to use natural sounds and very few instruments as the film is shot in a documentary style.”

Ruben Sainz has directed, written and produced several short films. His short film Pan-Demia has won several international awards including Best Film at Hendaia Film Festival 2014 and Audience Award I Festival de Curts Mal del Cap d'Eivissa 2014 (Ibiza) Spain. (With inputs from PIB)

First published:27 Nov 2021, 8:46 am


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