Meghalaya: Over 300 projects to be inaugurated as part of 50th year of statehood celebrations

The official programme to mark the celebration will be held at the JN Complex on January 21.


Updated on 10 Jan 2022, 5:10 pm

(PHOTO: Twitter)

(PHOTO: Twitter)

Over 300 projects will be inaugurated by the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government as part of the 50th year of statehood celebrations of Meghalaya.

After chairing a meeting to review the preparation for the celebration, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said, "We have listed close to about 300 projects that are there. We have decided that rather than inaugurating things in one day on the 50th year of statehood golden jubilee celebration, we will inaugurate them throughout the year so that the meaning increases." 

He said the government has decided not to go ahead with inaugurating over 50 projects due to the ongoing pandemic.

"In fact, we have more than 50 projects but we feel we need to give that importance to it so we will do it throughout the year instead of doing it in one go," he said while informing that one or two important projects will be taken up and will be announced on January 21 itself.

The chief minister also informed that the government has decided that the celebrations will be on a lesser scale.

"(We) decided that we will be having the celebrations but the celebrations will be on a much lesser scale as compared to what we had planned before the outbreak of the Omicron variant," he said.

The official programme to mark the celebration will be held at the JN Complex, which can accommodate close to 3,000 plus people on January 21. 

"We will be going with the protocols of having 30 per cent only. In those 30 per cent we will be having people from all over the place, who will be participating in that programme," he said.

Stating that different programmes will take place during the celebrations, Sangma further informed all the other districts that will be connecting online to the Shillong programme and participating as we will not be having separate programmes. Everybody will coordinate and connect with the Shillong programme, he added.

Regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the state to attend the celebration, the chief minister said, "We are also waiting for confirmation from the Prime Minister's Office whether he will be attending the programme or not but we have not got any final word yet but the programme is being planned accordingly. Once we get the confirmation on whether he is coming or not, accordingly further details of the programme will be decided."

First published:10 Jan 2022, 5:10 pm




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