ZRO alleges former Zomi workers of going against national interests

ZRO warned the former Zomi national workers to desist from indulging in anti-Zomi activities or face the consequences.

ByChurachandpur Correspondent

Updated on 2 Dec 2021, 4:22 pm

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The Zomi Re-Unification Organisation (ZRO) on Thursday stated some former Zomi national workers are hell bent on weakening the basic foundation of ‘Zomi national interest’ in connivance with certain individuals, and warned them to desist from such activities.  

These former workers are breaking the pledge they had taken not to act against the unity and integrity of Zomi, ZRO stated in a release issued by its joint secretary of ministry of information and public relations.

The deliberate actions of a section of ex-Zomi national workers are inimical and detrimental to the policies and programmes of Zomi national interests, it stated. It is apparent that the dust of those who rebelled against ZRO in the year 2012 and 2018, yet granted general amnesty, refused to settle down and still stayed afresh, it further stated.  

It mentioned that ZRO is committed to fight tooth and nail against those attempting to derail its progress and prepared to face any challenges that may crop-up in the journey towards its political goals. It is fully equipped to foil any sinister attempts and would spare no effort for the protection of the unity and integrity of Zomi.

Therefore, ZRO warns the former Zomi national workers to desist from indulging in anti-Zomi activities or else face the consequences, it further stated. ZRO reserves the exclusive right to take action against any ex-Zomi national worker found guilty of dishonouring its directive, it added. 

Churachandpur Correspondent

Churachandpur Correspondent

Churachandpur district, Manipur

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