'Youths need to be free from traumatic stress'

Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey emphasised the need for educators to impart other crucial elements of knowledge which are beyond the normal academic curriculum.

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Updated 19 Oct 2023, 7:49 pm


Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey on Thursday stressed the need to mentally cleanse the youth from the traumatic stresses they have suffered during the ongoing crisis.

"Meditation and mental training can be of great benefit in this instance. The ongoing violence has inflicted insurmountable mental traumas on the youth. This needs to be rectified," she said. 

She was speaking at the 10th Governor Rally cum Rajya Puraskar Award distribution ceremony of Manipur State Bharat Scouts and Guide held at Raj Bhavan on Thursday.

The governor further emphasised the need for educators to impart other crucial elements of knowledge which are beyond the normal academic curriculum.

"Only books are not enough. We must also teach them good character, principles and values so that they communicate with empathy and dispense humanitarian service in times of need," she said.

She highlighted that these are all important for youths and maintained that groups and institutions which focus on these areas are vital for the society.


In this regard Scouts and Guides is also important as they prepare and provide young minds with skills and values essential for holistic development of society, she added.

She further advised Scouts and Guides to take leading initiatives in ushering peace to Manipur amid the ongoing conflict.

They can do their part to bring peace and development in Manipur, she added.

She stated that Manipur was a state rich in history, culture and heritage and maintained that it was time to re-align focus on developing and exposing these areas by properly resolving the conflict swiftly. 

Meanwhile, Education minister Thounaojam Basantakumar announced that the annual budgetary grant for Manipur State Scout and Guides would be increased very soon.

"A recurring grant of Rs 4 lakh has been sanctioned annually for Scouts and Guides but we will assure that it is increased for further development," he said.


He stated that Scouts and Guides was not only a group or an association but a worldwide movement. 

"The whole objective of Scouts and Guides is to impart good character, values and principles to youth which are eroding in present society," he said.

He maintained that inculcating goodness and humanity in youth were vital to develop a society. 

He further recalled his time in Scouts and Guides and how it changed his perception of the world and people. 

The Rajya Puraskar awards were distributed to several young scouts and guides from various districts of Manipur during the ceremony.

MLA of 53/AC Tamenglong Janghemlung Panmei, State Chief commissioner of State Scouts and Guides Sushilkumar singh among other officials were also present at the ceremony.


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