‘Women, children main victims of conflict in Manipur'

The one-day convention on child and women in present conflict in Manipur was held at Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen, Palace Compound on Monday.

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Updated 29 Aug 2023, 7:26 am

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A one-day convention has observed that women and children are the main victims of the present Manipur crisis, having suffered invariably and that priority should be given to these disproportionately affected women and children.

The one-day convention on child and women in present conflict in Manipur was held at Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen, Palace Compound on Monday. It was organised by Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Maniour and All Manipur Women's Voluntary Association.

The convention resolved to make a way for protection of Manipur integrity to prevent from more ethnic politics; to pressure concerned authority to resettle all displaced people; to take initiative of helping authorities while giving punishment to accused of crime against women; to take initiative of taking support from government while generating a way of income for dispatch people and to join hands with other small communities for a better Manipur.

In the morning session, Social Scientist Dhanabir Laishram, as a moderator maintained the session.

Retired professor N Joykumar spoke about the status of women during the British period in Manipur. He said, women of Manipur have been famous since the British period for their bravery. Still, the same bravery and courage is there today and they are in the frontline, he added.


Assistant professor of IGNTU, Homen Thangjam, spoke on the role of Manipur women with emerging different political aspirations after 1950's in Manipur. He said, there should not be a buffer zone and that all displaced people should be resettled on their own land.

Assistant professor of DM University, Noni Arambam spoke on Manipur women in the post annexation period. He urged Manipur women to keep an eye on governance.

In the second session, vice-chancellor of DMU, N Rajmohan, as a moderator, maintained the session.

Assistant professor of GP Women College, Indrakumar Konthoujam, spoke on women's response to the present crisis. He said the history of Manipur is attacked and civilisation also attacked.

"We are speaking in modern Manipur, but it should speak from the history of Manipur and the government of India should recognise the distinctive political status of Manipur," he said.

Columnist L Orenkumar spoke on the role that can be taken in case of extraction of mineral resources in Manipur and said that Manipur is a resourceful state.


Retired District and Session Judge, A Noutuneshwari Devi spoke on violation of women and child’s rights in the present crisis in Manipur.

“We should understand that the parade of naked women was not done intentionally but that it was emotion and retaliation of an unconfirmed story of a woman being raped in Churachandpur”, she said and added that any woman/girl/lady raped or sexually assaulted should come out so that it’s not too late. All women should be in one voice against any sexual assault for justice. She also said that the people of Manipur should play a role in restoring peace in the state and not just the government.

Professor of economics department MU Chinglen Maisnam spoke on women and political economic space in the post crisis period of Manipur. He said the conflict affected mostly daily wage earners and most of the displaced people are daily wage earners.

In such a situation, the state government should apply means for generating their income through schemes like NREGS or Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme, he said.

President of PLMPAL, L Memchoubi and AMWOVA president, Y Kunjarani and women from different districts attended the convention.


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