Where is the double-engine government, asks Manipur CPI

CPI leader M Nara blamed the Central and state government for the present turmoil in Manipur which has left thousands of people homeless and over 73 people dead.

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Updated 26 May 2023, 3:13 am

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Lashing out at the Central and state government for the turmoil happening in Manipur, the Communist Party of India (CPI), Manipur State Council on Thursday questioned where the double-engine government is now.

Speaking to mediapersons at Irabot Bhavan at BT Road, CPI leader M Nara said that due to the present turmoil in the state, thousands of people are homeless and over 73 people dead.

“The unrest and turmoil are not just a conflict between two communities but it has affected the entire populace of the state,” Nara said and questioned “Where is the so-called ‘double-engine’ government? Where have all the ministers of both the centre and the state gone”.


Nara said that the ongoing turmoil in Manipur is a direct result of the policy of dividing the people pursued by the so-called ‘double engine’ government of the BJP.

The divide and strife between people was encouraged for electoral gains and has resulted in strategically located states like Manipur being engulfed by all-encompassing violence. This violence has a background of divisions and it cannot be controlled enduringly by using force.

Violence continued even after heavy deployment of force is testimony to the failure of the Manipur policy pursued by the Union government, the CPI leader said.

The CPI understands the conflict as a political and social conflict and not merely a law-and-order issue.


It demanded from the Union and Manipur government to reach out to all the stakeholders and political parties for immediate cessation of hostilities, Nara said.

“A political solution to the crisis should be reached by taking all opinions and people into confidence and restoring normalcy and peace in Manipur. CPI also demanded compensation for the victims of the violence and immediate rehabilitation of those displaced,” he added.

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