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Nagas reject Kuki territorial demand for separate administration


Updated 22 Aug 2023, 11:33 am

(Representational Image: Unsplash)
(Representational Image: Unsplash)

The United Naga Council (UNC) has rubbished and dismissed the various campaigns, statements and memoranda of the “Kuki-Zo peoples”.

The Naga body also tells the “Kuki-Zo peoples” through this media statement that the “Nagas will not remain mute over the issue”.

The UNC further said the “blatant lies, lop-sided history and fabricated information contained in every statement and memorandum of the Kuki-Zo community tantamount to distortion of Naga history and insult to the Naga people”.

In the statement made available to Newmai News Network this evening, the UNC said, “While the Nagas have better sense of hardship, distress etc. borne by the Kuki-Zo peoples as a consequence of the present ethnic conflict, it has become all the more inevitable for the Nagas to register our opposition to the issues raised and incorporated in their memorandum submitted to different authorities as it is posing a big threat to the very existence and inalienable rights of the Nagas particularly in the state of Manipur”.

The UNC also said it has been putting all possible efforts to end the ongoing ethnic conflict between the warring communities Kuki-Zo and Meiteis through dialogue but unfortunately things are not turning positive as expected.

The UNC further said the Nagas are also taken aback by the “blatant lies, lop-sided history and fabricated information contained in every statement and memorandum issued by the Kuki-Zo community which is tantamount to distortion of Naga history and insult to the Naga people”.

With regard to land, the Nagas’ opposition to the creation of new districts in 2016 remains alive as unfinished issue, the UNC asserted. Of the districts, ones carved out from Senapati and Chandel districts are the “handiwork” of the Congress government’s appeasement policy carried out in the name of administrative convenience, the Naga body also said. 

Hence, the demand of a separate administration by the Kuki-Zo community which incorporates the so-called new two districts is necessarily opposed, the UNC added. The Nagas’ stand on the opposition remains unchanged, it added. 


The Naga body then said the bifurcation of the so-called two districts is an issue virtually with the Kukis only not with Zo peoples.

“In this regard the Kuki-Zo people’s representation to the Union Government, Israeli’s Prime Minister, European Parliament, UNO, etc. is on false territorial foundation and an attempt to befool those authorities because in the context of Manipur, the name Kukis were first heard sometime between 1830-1840 and therefore, ‘Kuki hills’ that appear in the fourth para of the mentioned memo to the Prime Minister of Israel is non-existence and utopian concoction,” the UNC stated.

The Naga body then asked, “And, what is mentioned in the memorandum as the area of ‘Outer Manipur’ for the creation of Kuki state (for the Kukis only excluding the Zo peoples?) also with Kuki Hills which may exist somewhere else. Do the Kukis speak with sense?”

The UNC added that such “wild venture” will lead the Kukis to nowhere today and in the future.

“It is a sheer attempt to script bad history for unending enmity between us,” the UNC added.

As for an instance, the UNC said, it is an act of befooling them if the establishment of new villages in “Kuki areas within Naga districts” is stated to be for their displaced people of 1990s conflict being kept the fact of illegal immigrants hidden before those authorities.

The doctored statement is mentioned in the memorandum submitted to the United Nations Organization, the UNC pointed out.

Historically, the advent of British in the history of Manipur has brought about many unwanted changes. One of the many problems that we inherited from the British colonial rule is the issue of the planting of the Kuki tribe in the Naga Hills, the UNC said. 

As a mercenary tribe, the British found the Kukis quite useful. Their total lack of attachment to any land and landscape was immediately recognised by the British, thus making them instrumental to crushing the indigenous communities of Manipur, the Naga body also said. 

“That, UNC would like to set the record straight that the recent blatant attempt of Kukis at distorting history of kuki rebellion of 1917 -1919 as Anglo-Kuki War to legitimize their imagined Kuki homeland within Naga ancestral homeland is one of the classic examples of their habitual lies. It may be recalled that Kuki Rebellion 1917-1919 was a savage episode of murdering, torching houses, plundering and enslaving women and children of indigenous Naga community in Ukhrul, Chandel and Tamenglong in Manipur. Thus, it was never a war but a mere rebellion with the colonial power as there is no record of Anglo-Kuki War in the history of India (MHA),” the UNC added.


The Naga body then said it is pertinent to bring to the notice of all the conscientious individuals and authorities that, the state of Manipur is now flooded with illegal immigrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh. In all the districts, there has been increasing expansion of villages and creation of new villages rampantly and at a rapid pace, the UNC also said. 

The UNC stated that columns of illegal camps are being built in alarming rate near the town of Moreh and its surrounding areas to facilitate the settlement of those intruding Kukis from Myanmar.

“If the flow of illegal immigrants is not stopped by the Government of India and the Government of Manipur, the day will not be long when the Indigenous population will be reduced to a minority,” it also added.

The UNC then said that, in the memorandum dated August 16, 2023 submitted to the Prime Minister of India by the 10 MLAs of Kuki-Zo demanding the creation of the post of Chief Secretary and Director General of Police or equivalents, other posts, is nothing but a mere different tune sung out of the same lyrics, the demand for a separate administration. 

“In this regard too, the Nagas are not with the Kukis as it involves the problems raised above”the UNC asserted.

“Moreover, it is completely uncanny and unfortunate on the part of the Kuki-Zo peoples to have clubbed Chandel district along with the so called Tengnoupal district together with Churachandpur district as their land,” the UNC expressed. 

“Remember, (the areas remain without time) the stone megaliths, menhirs found in different parts of Churachandpur speak of the precedence of the Nagas (especially the Zeliagrongs) over the present inhabitants and the Anals and Lamkangs in Pherzawl areas,” the UNC pointed out.

The Naga body also said prior to the submission of the memorandum, nine names of Naga tribes of Chandel district are incorporated in Kuki Constitution as Kuki tribes. 

“The Nagas urge the Kukis to show the basis of the inclusion. The Nagas will not remain mute over the issue. Having said all these the Nagas believe that nothing in this regard is too late to set the wrong to right,” it cautioned.


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