‘Time to lead, not promises’

The BJP government should be ashamed of their failure to protect the people and the state, FOCS Manipur president Thoidingjam Manihar said.

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Updated 18 Jan 2024, 2:54 am


President of Federation of Civil Societies (FOCS) Manipur Thoidingjam Manihar on Wednesday called upon the chief minister to act on his assurance to take action against Kuki terrorists.

“We have heard enough of his promises on public platforms to take action while the violence rages. Now is the time to act and lead the people out of this devastation,” he said.

He was speaking at the ‘Anouba Chahigi Paomee singda khudol Tamba’ programme at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul on Wednesday.

The programme has been organised by FOCS and Manipur Womens’ Federation (MWF).
He further stated that the BJP government should be ashamed of their failure to protect the people and the state.

“Instead of establishing law of the land they are more focused on holding on to their ministerial berths,” he said.


He also advised the chief minister to snap back into focus and lead the people unitedly.

“The incompetent security advisor should be removed as he has also failed to stop the violence even after nine months,” he said.

He further demanded the authorities concerned to elect an efficient leader to head the Unified Command.

He questioned if the series of deaths and destruction were the state government’s gift to the people.

He pointed out that the Meitei community’s incapability to unite was the biggest failure even after all these months.

“Will the government listen only when a separate administration is approved? They should tread carefully otherwise the people’s verdict could be fatal,” he cautioned.

He further condemned the central forces’ inaction in Moreh and maintained that they should be sent back if they are going to watch while the state burns.


Meanwhile, AMWJU president Bijoy Kakchingtabam expressed suspicion that the present conflict may be a ‘proxy war’

“We should discuss this issue minutely to ascertain who the real enemy is. We should not take it lightly as the conflict has driven a wedge between communities,” he said.

He highlighted that the conflict had even painted the media houses in Manipur in communal colours going to the extent of naming certain media firms as ‘Meitei media’.

He stated media houses in Manipur have worked day and night to inform the people throughout the conflict.

He further stated that the journalists in Manipur have worked through threats and intimidation and served the people with utmost sacrifice.

Journalists from various print and electronic media houses were felicitated during the programme.


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IFP Bureau

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