Three Kuki militants in NIA net

Huge cache of weapons seized in special operations

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Updated 10 Jul 2024, 5:03 am


Three Kuki militants have been arrested while a large cache of weapons were seized during a search operation carried out by a combined force of Kangpokpi District Police and CRPF led by SP Kangpokpi Manoj Prabhakar at L Hengjol under New Keithelmanbi Police Station in Kangpokpi district in the wee hours of Tuesday.

The operation was carried out following inputs received from the National Investigation Agency (NIA), as per sources.

The combined force cordoned off L Hengjol village around 3.30 am and carried out the search operation, sources said.

During the operations, the Kuki militants fired 2-3 rounds towards the security forces from the house of village chief of L Hengjol Tonghen Haokip. However, they  surrendered on realising that they were outnumbered by a large number of security forces.

The three militants were overpowered and rounded up around 5.30 am. They have been identified as Thangjoel Haokip alais Thangboi,19, son of Ngamkholun Haokip of Gamphajang Churachandpur; Jangjoulen Khongsai alias Goulen, 18, son of Songhen of Veitumkholen, near Kotlen Army Camp, presently residing at Old Gelmol Churachandpur and Jangminlun Singson alias Franky, 45, of Bethel Churachandpur.

A large mob of Kuki womenfolk gathered and attempted to snatch the three kuki militants from the Combined forces. However, they were dispersed by firing of tear gas shells. Around 2-3 women sustained injuries during the incident, as per sources.  

During the search operations, the following items were seized: One yellow colour small bag containing 236 Nos. of .303 rounds and one 12 Bore round,  One dark blue colour small bag containing 485 Nos. of AK-47 rounds along with one empty AK Rifle magazine, One camouflage bag containing 661 Nos. of 5.56 mm Rounds (Insas Rounds), One AK-47 Rifle having a number marked on it as BD 51 7211 with empty magazine and folding butt as well as a green colour sling and a red colour cloth tied on the barrel.


One  AK-47 Rifle having a number marked on it as KO 50 1714 with empty magazine as well as a black colour sling and a red colour cloth tied on the barrel, one foreign made Rifle having a number marked on it as MA-3 MK II with empty magazine and attached scope along with green colour sling, one packet containing three empty magazine of AK Rifle, five empty magazine of Insas Rifle, one empty magazine of foreign made Rifle.

One single barrel gun marked as Classic Model and having number marked as 32290-05 along with sling (Brown and Black colour) was also seized.

One brown colour bag  containing, two Black colour Walkie Talkie radio set (Baofeng) along with batteries, one battery (Baofeng) along with one charger, one small iron spear, one adapter (without cable), one mobile charger (with cable), One packet containing 29  shoulder badge with star symbol (Red, white, green colour),  One magazine pouch with three brush, green colour sling, black piece of cloth two anklets, one packet containing, two pants, one scarf, three black piece of clothes three magazine pouch, one kodak camera (black colour) were seized.

One envelope containing two vehicle keys, one Aadhar Card, one RC having Registration number MN 03 A 5877, two ID card of Public Work department issued in the name of Tonghen Haokip, one election I card in the name of T Haopu,one election I card in the name of T Haokip, election I card in the name of Nemjalhing, and one Driving Licence in the name of Jangminlun were seized.

Two SBI blank cheques  in the name of Tonghen Haokip, one SBI atm card, one small spiral notebook, slip pad along with Rs. 7,540 was seized. One coin with an eagle symbol on it was also seized.

Around 4.30 pm, the Kuki militants along with the seized weapons were handed over to the NIA by the New Keithelmanbi Police Station.

It is learnt that the trio and the seized weapons have been transported to Delhi on an Indian Air Force Flight at 7 pm.

It may be recalled that two electric poles of the Power Grid connecting 400 KV double circuit lines from Silchar to Imphal were sabotaged with bombs by Kuki militants.

The NIA had registered a case in connection with the incident. It is believed that the operation was carried out, while the arrest was made in connection with the case. The police reportedly received no information about the whole operation.


Sources said that CRPF personnel of 32,69,86,109,143Bn & GC-QAT were deployed to carry out the mission.

Meanwhile, the Police Control Room, Manipur Police stated that security forces exercised maximum restraint in the conduct of the operation and acted in self- defence when they were fired upon by the armed militants and obstructed by the civilians.

Various unfounded allegations and inciting messages regarding the conduct of the operation are doing rounds in social media, stated a release.

“It hereby appealed to stop propagation of such fake messages, Postings of such baseless allegations upon the security forces and inciting the public wrongly in social media will face legal action,” it stated.

Search operations and area domination were conducted by security forces in the fringe and vulnerable areas of hill and valley districts, it mentioned.

It said that the movement of 212 and 145 vehicles along NH-37 and NH-2 respectively with essential items has been ensured. Strict security measures are taken up in all vulnerable locations and a security convoy is provided in sensitive stretches in order to ensure free and safe movement of the vehicles, it stated.

It mentioned that a total of 118 Nakas/Checkpoints were installed in different Districts of Manipur, both in the hill and the valley and Police detained 85 persons in connection with violations in different districts of the state.

It appealed  to the general public not to believe in rumours and be aware of false videos. Any circulation of unfounded videos etc. may be confirmed from the rumour free number 9233522822 of Central Control room, it mentioned. It further appealed to the public to return the looted arms, ammunition and explosives to the police or nearest security forces immediately.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

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