‘There will be no solution in blame game’

Awangbow Newmai stated that the ethnic clashes in Manipur occurred due to misunderstanding, and he urged all to rethink and come out from weaknesses.

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Manipur Water resources Minister Awangbow Newmai on Thursday urged everyone to stop blaming each other and stop taking revenge, in order to bring peace to the unrest in Manipur.
He was speaking as the chief guest during the state level Naga seed sowing festival ‘Lui-Ngai-Ni’ at Tamenglong Mini Stadium.

The ‘Lui-Ngai-Ni’ celebration was organised by the joint tribe council under the banner of United Naga Council (UNC), Manipur under the theme, ‘Quintessential Cultural Resurgence’.

Lok Sabha MP, Lorho Pfoze, MLA Ram Muivah and MLA L Dikho, MLA N Kaysii, MLA Leishiyo Keishing, MLA Kumo Sha, Tamenglong MLA Janghemlung Panmei, former members of ADC Tamenglong, district level officers Tamenglong, tribes presidents and Hohos attended the festival.

Further Awangbow Newmai stated that the ethnic clashes in Manipur occurred due to misunderstanding, and he urged all to rethink and come out from weaknesses.

“If we are to blame each other, there will be no solution and no peace, and there will be no development. Even if development comes we will not be happy”, he said.


Minister Awangbow Newmai also unveiled a monolith near the old Stadium Tamenglong.
In his presidential speech (UNC) Manipur president Ng Lorho said that Lui-Ngai-Ni has been celebrated for the last 36 years and in each celebration, Naga rich cultural heritage and identity is showcased through various cultural programmes and performances in the forms of dances, songs, indigenous games, colorful traditional attires and so on, to preserve, promote and to pass on the cultural values.

“However, in today’s increasingly interconnected world, the need to preserve and ensure the continuity of the rich culture is felt more than ever with westernisation penetrating deep into the remotest village and to people of all ages and groups, our cultural system, fundamental principles, and social norms have been diluted and is dominated by foreign cultures,” he said.

“If this is not kept in check and balanced, there is a danger of cultural assimilation,” Ng Lorho said.

In the ongoing ethnic conflict between the ‘Meiteis’ and the ‘Kuki-Zo’ communities, there has been numerous loss of human lives and properties, and our day-to-day livelihood has been adversely disrupted.

“The unending conflict is detrimental to the whole state and not just the warring communities. With no law-and-order in sight, the state of Manipur is in a sorry state of affairs,” he mentioned.

The failure on the part of the Government of India and the Manipur government to restore normalcy in the state even after nine months of conflict is unfortunate, he mentioned.


Despite the disturbances, violence, provocations and sporadic incidents inflicted to the Nagas, the UNC, in order to avoid escalating the issue into communal tension between any communities has thus addressed and resolved all sensitive issues through its customary law, as a neutral entity, he mentioned. 

He further stressed that at this time, the Nagas should be extra cautious and should not succumb to the evil game plan designed by the anti-national elements who are very active in trying to drag the Nagas into the conflict.

“However, if our peaceful nature should be taken for weakness, and if such violence, provocations and attacks continue, it may attract retaliation from the Nagas out of intolerance. Therefore, we appeal to all concerned to shun from violence and give peace a chance,” he said.

“As we celebrate Lu-Ngai-Ni, let us also reaffirm our stand and commitment to the cause of the Naga Nation and face any challenges and also urge upon the Government of India to materialise the Framework Agreement with the NSCN in letter and in spirit as early as possible,” he added.

To see the dawn of peace in the region and the country at large, an early solution to the Naga issue is a must. May this celebration bring bountiful blessings, peace, love, and better relations among the Nagas and all neighboring communities and I wish you all a very happy Lui-Ngai-Ni, he said.

Beating of drums, blowing of buffalo horn, traditional fire making, demonstration of traditional games, traditional dances from different tribes were some main parts of the programme while the Kom tribe presented beautiful traditional hunting dance and enchanted the gathering.


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Tamenglong Correspondent

Tamenglong Correspondent

TAMENGLONG district, Manipur


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