Thawai Mirel calls for mass protest

The Thawai Mirel plans to mount pressure on the Manipur Assembly to set a concrete deadline for resolving the protracted crisis that has gripped Manipur for nearly four months.

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Updated 27 Aug 2023, 4:54 pm

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Denouncing the decision to hold a one-day Assembly session scheduled for August 29, which is considered as a mere move to save the constitutional crisis, the Thawai Mirel on Sunday called on the people of Manipur to stage a mass protest on August 28.

The purpose of the protest is to mount pressure on the state Assembly into setting a concrete deadline for resolving the protracted crisis that has gripped Manipur for nearly four months.

The Thawai Mirel also expressed frustration over security advisor Kuldiep Singh for his perceived inability to quell the ongoing violence despite the substantial deployment of security forces.

The organisation has demanded that within a span of three days, the security advisor should take decisive action to wipe out Kuki militants from the peripheral regions surrounding the valley.

Sujata Devi, the convenor of Thawai Mirel women's wing, minced no words as she publicly expressed her exasperation.


"As the security advisor of Manipur, it is better for Kuldiep Singh to go home if he is unable to curb the violence," she asserted during a press conference held at the Manipur Press Club in Imphal. She highlighted the dissatisfaction with the current security measures.

She expressed disappointment with the upcoming Assembly session, which is perceived as serving personal interests to save from a constitutional crisis rather than addressing the dire public need.

"Calling an Assembly session to curb the violence was a long-pending demand of the public which was never heard. It is unfortunate that the government is planning to hold the Assembly session for just one day to save the constitutional crisis," she lamented.

The unrest that has endured for months now has cascaded into other pressing issues, amplifying the suffering of the public, she said, criticising the government's apparent inability to recognize the extent of this suffering.

She also emphasised the disparity between the government's focus on the situation in Imphal and the silence surrounding the suffering of those in the peripheral areas who are frequently targeted by Kuki militants.

Meanwhile, the ongoing relay hunger strike organised by Thawai Mirel at Singjamei has entered its seventh day, with participants displaying unwavering commitment.


The strike, now a broader movement, sees women from various localities joining in solidarity to amplify the message.

The strike underscored the discontent over the enduring crisis and the government's perceived inaction in addressing the violence and instability.

The participants are demanding urgent action to curb the violence and halt the activities of Kuki militants who have caused havoc in peripheral areas surrounding the valley.

The hunger strike symbolises collective action to draw attention to pressing issues affecting Manipur's citizens.

The participants are determined to persist until their demands for peace and stability are met, even prepared to escalate their agitation if necessary.


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