Tapon villagers set exemplary act through humanitarian service to commuters

The villagers are repairing the damaged road voluntarily amid the heavy rainfall for the commuters to reach their destination safely and soundly.

ByKaybie Chongloi

Updated 16 Jun 2022, 7:35 am


Rainfall in over 80 villages of Twilang area inder four assembly constituencies of Kangpokpi, Saitu, Tadubi, and Tamei creates havoc along the already deplorable Imphal-Temenglong road, the only connectivity of the area.

The previous rainfall, which had destroyed even the newly constructed alternate PMGSY roads apart from the state’s oldest highway, had compelled various ministers, MLAs, including the works minister to visit the sites and take stock of the situation.

The visit and inspection by the ministers and MLAs had also restored the faith of the people once again and gave them a ray of hope for a permanent solution.

However, the present continuous rainfall for the past two-three days has triggered the same condition the people had endured earlier.

However, this time, the villagers of Tapon Namsan and Tapon Namguang have embarked on a very inspiring gesture by setting an exemplary humanitarian service - repairing the damaged road voluntarily amid the heavy rainfall for the commuters to reach their destination safely and soundly.


It is worth mentioning that the PMGSY road from Chawangkining to Tapon has become the only connectivity after the main road the Imphal-Tamenglong road and the alternate PMGSY road between Thonglang Atongba and Lamchok could not be motorable owing to the mudslide at Lamlenkon and the absence of proper bridge between Lamchok and Tujang Vaichong Sub Divisional Headquarters.

Unfortunately, some sections of the Chawangkining-Tapon PMGSY road were damaged near Tapon Namsan and Tapon Namguang village and became unmotorable due to the rainfall over the past 2/3 days.

It was when the villagers of Tapon Namsan and Tapon Namguang decided not to solely depend on and wait for Government’s assistance but to extend voluntary service in repairing the damaged road so that the people of the area could travel safe and sound.

As the two villagers took the unanimous decision, they braved the heavy rain on Tuesday and repaired the damaged road with eight Shaktiman loads of stone donated by the villagers themselves.
As a result, commuters could safely travel and reach their respective destination without any problems till Wednesday afternoon.

In connection with the voluntary humanitarian service, Dinpi Mareanmai, General Secretary, Liangmai Naga Council Eastern Zone said that since the PMGSY road from Chawangkining to Tapon connecting Tujang Vaichong Sub Divisional Headquarters has become the only connectivity as of now, villagers of Tapon Namsan and Tapon Namguang, under the aegis of the two village authorities, embarked on repairing the damaged road.

Considering the situation, they decided not to wait for the Government’s assistance but to sacrifice our time and energy for humanity, he said.

He also urged and encouraged the other villages to embark on the same activities in their respective areas and not wait for the Government to provide an undisrupted journey to the commuters.


J Chawang, Chairman of Tapon Namsan village authority said that even a moderate rainfall has become apprehensive for them as it could easily create havoc in the area. Currently, our collective efforts and, more importantly, humanitarian gestures could play a huge role in a smooth and safe ride for our people, he added.

He also said that the Joint Monitoring Development Committee of IT Road has been the backbone of the area in any disaster while conveying his optimism that the voluntary humanitarian service extended by the two villagers would not only help the commuters but the JMDC in solving the problems up to a great extent.

Meanwhile, JMDC Chairman, Lutngam sincerely appreciated the exemplary act of Tapon Namsan and Tapon Namguang villagers while extending gratitude to the two village authorities for such a noble gesture.

He also urged the other villages as well to follow the noble gestures of the two villages at such trying times.

The JMDC Chairman also appealed to the authorities concerned and the chief minister to acknowledge such noble gestures on the part of Tapon Namsan and Tapon Namguang villagers so that it will be inspiring for many others to follow such gestures in future.



First published:16 Jun 2022, 6:02 am


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Kaybie Chongloi

Kaybie Chongloi

IFP Correspondent, KANGPOKPI


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