State mulls hills-valley students exchange progamme

State-Level Teachers’ Day 2023 Observed in Imphal.

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Updated 5 Sept 2023, 4:33 pm

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State-Level Teachers’ Day 2023 was celebrated on Tuesday at MSFDS, Palace Compound, Imphal. The programme was organised by the Department of Education, Government of Manipur.

Minister (Education/Law & LA) Thounaojam Basanta Kumar Singh was the chief guest of the function.

Speaking at the occasion, he said that teaching is the most noble profession among all the professions. The profession of teaching is deeply rooted in our culture and sometimes, it is considered as a sacred-service that an individual can render to the society.

He said, “Teachers are considered to be the third parents of a child and are the pillars to support a child. The knowledge, moral values and disciplines that teachers instill in the students will play a big role in nurturing the small boys and girls to grow into men and women of substance, virtue and strength of character. These men and women will become good citizens of the country and the state with the resolution to build and sustain a decent society.”


The minister said that the department will take steps to ensure that every school in Manipur has the facilities to deliver world class education that can hold its own against any school in the country. He also said that instructions have been given to the officials not to hold regarding the issues of pending promotion and other such related problems of the teachers which will hamper or discourage the teachers in any way.

Th Basanta Kumar also said, “The idea of coexistence and mutual understanding should be instilled in the mind of the students so that it will go a long way in resolving the issue of misunderstanding in the future that will hamper the development of the state.”

He added that ethics and moral philosophy should be introduced in the school curriculum. Exchange programmes between students belonging to hill and valley areas can also be incorporated in the schools so that they can be exposed to different cultures and people.

In order to have communal harmony in the society, the minister instructed the Higher Education Department to take up programmes such as inter community debates so that the students can learn the cultures of different communities.


During the function, State Level Teachers' Awards were given to four teachers. The teachers who got the awards were Rajkumari Romila Devi and Salam Meghachandra Singh, Lecturer (Mathematics) C.C Higher Secondary School; Koijam Machasana, Arts Graduate Teacher from Ghari Upper Primary School; and Songsar Nicodim Monsang, Primary Teacher from Japhou Upper Primary School.

State Level College Appreciation Certificates were given to seven colleges viz. Don Bosco College, Maram; Rayburn College, Churachandpur; South East Manipur College, Komlathabi; Waikhom Mani Girls College, Thoubal; S Kula Women's College, Thoubal College and Churachandpur College.

H Gyan Prakash, IAS, Commissioner (Education-S/HTE/SCERT/AE); Dr. Rangitabali Waikhom, IAS, Director, University and Higher Education; L Nandakumar Singh, IAS Director (Education-S); and P. Gunindro, Vice-Chancellor University of Culture were the dais members.

Earlier, as a part of the programme, floral tributes were paid to Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.


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IFP Bureau

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