State drug issue in Parliament an embarrassment: Nupi Marup

The AMNM said War on Drugs will never be successful if the identity of the drug traffickers remains hidden.

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Updated 17 Mar 2023, 4:35 pm

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The All Manipur Nupi Marup (AMNM) has said that the recent development of bringing up the drug issue of the state in the Lok Sabha during the ongoing Parliament budget session is a total embarrassment to the entire state.

In a press release, AMNM said that the general public can see news being published about illegal drug trafficking in the state in local dailies and electronic media even after six years of initiation of war on drugs by the government.

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The release also mentioned that, as per an intelligence report, identity of the drug lords of the apprehended drugs remains anonymous and the drugs are being distributed by their sub agents after providing some commission.

The AMNM also expressed strong suspicion that the government had been supporting the anonymous drug lords. War on Drugs will never be successful if the identity of the drug traffickers remains hidden, added the release.

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It also blamed the corrupt police officers for letting off the drug traffickers for some money and not supporting CM’s war on drugs 2.0.

AMNM suggested the government use Narco and polygraph tests (lie detector) on the drug traffickers to reveal the drug lords while stating that they will continue to support the CM's war on drugs 2.0.

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