Speed breakers along Ukhrul to Jessami NH 202 irk commuters

The speed breakers in National Highway 202 result in considerable delay, damage to the vehicles and significant discomfort to vehicle occupants and more fuel consumption due to acceleration and deceleration, one Mona SK said.

ByUkhrul Correspondent

Updated on 8 Jan 2022, 9:02 pm



People commuting along Ukhrul to Jessami National Highway 202 have alleged that the speed breakers have posed a menace especially to the unwell, elderly, pregnant mothers and other emergency services like ambulances and put hindrances to the free flow of traffic movement.

When the Imphal Free Press took a trip to the said National Highway lanes, it was found that many speed breakers were seen constructed before the approaching houses built along the highway stretch. 

Speaking to IFP, one Ramnganing, a resident who settles in the northern area of Ukhrul district said, “There is no issue installing speed breakers at specific locations where they are required. However, if every resident settling along the highways starts constructing speed breakers, then it is not acceptable. Because highways are meant for the public and not for the individuals and public interests should come first and not individual needs.”

Songam (name change on request) who is also a resident in north of Ukhrul district said that it is up to the general public and authority concerned to take the final call whether speed breakers should be constructed in the houses built along the main highway lanes.

Their main concern is to protect the young children and avoid over speeding at residential areas, he further said, adding that resting the final decision over the matter in the hands of the authority concerned.  

Speaking to the Imphal Free Press, one Mona SK, who regularly commutes on this highway, decried the construction of varied shape and size of speed breakers being constructed at various points along the highway lanes. 

Questioning the logic behind constructing speed breakers in the National Highway, he questioned, “What made the people to put up speed breakers when they are not needed in the first place?”

The speed breakers result in considerable delay, damage to the vehicles and significant discomfort to vehicle occupants and more fuel consumption due to acceleration and deceleration, he continued. 

“Not enough with the daily pressure, drivers and commuters have been squeezing in these small lanes, adjusting the approaching motor vehicles at various points, now we are made to accelerate and decelerate,” he further said, adding that roads are meant to give people comfort and reduce unnecessary wastage of time.

One Somipam who frequents northeast and various other Indian states for business purposes said in a state like Mizoram, other than exceptional cases, speed breakers are a rare thing to see.

Calling for removal of speed breakers, he has urged authorities concerned to ensure that proper road sign/ indication including accident prone warning is clearly shown so that the drivers are better educated and accidents are prevented, while cautioning drivers to maintain speed limits at all times saying lives matter. 

It may be pointed out that drivers and commuters who frequent this lifeline have been voicing their concerns for quite some time but in vain.

Roads of different categories and under different situations are designed for designated speeds, at which vehicles can travel with convenience and safety. At certain locations, control speed becomes necessary to promote orderly traffic movement and improved safety. 

Retired school teacher Panam informed IFP over the phone that construction of speed breakers along the highway stretch tortures both drivers and commuters especially an elderly like him who are not used to long travels. 

“I pray that authorities concerned would take this matter with seriousness and quickly replace this nightmare with a road friendly system that guarantees hassle-free movement for both commuters and drivers while ensuring safety,” she emphasised.

People commuting these national highway lanes wanted to know if individuals or groups have the right to put up speed breakers at their own volition and wondered if the authority concerned should not take cognisance of this as highways are designed to ensure hassle-free vehicular movement.  

First published:8 Jan 2022, 8:14 pm


Ukhrul Correspondent

Ukhrul Correspondent

UKHRUL district, Manipur

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