Special drives to enroll IDPs in electoral rolls

Draft photo electoral rolls of all 60 assembly constituencies in Manipur have been published by the concerned electoral registration officers on Friday.

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Updated 28 Oct 2023, 5:28 pm


Manipur chief electoral officer Pradeep Kumar Jha on Friday appealed to all eligible citizens to come forward and enroll their names in the electoral rolls, and sought their active participation in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election.

He further announced that special drives will be undertaken to facilitate internally displaced people to enroll their names in the electoral rolls.

Speaking to the media ECI Manipur office conference hall, PK Jha said that to enroll more young voters in the electoral rolls, intensive activities will be taken up in educational institutions, universities and colleges during the revision period.

Electoral literacy clubs will also be activated in all schools, colleges, he mentioned. Special camps will be organised in schools, colleges, universities to create awareness and facilitate registration of prospective voters in the electoral rolls, PK Jha said.

As per the schedule fixed by the Election Commission of India, the draft photo electoral rolls of all 60 assembly constituencies have been published by the concerned electoral registration officers on Friday.


Jha said that the general public or electors and representatives of political parties may inspect or verify the draft photo electoral rolls at the offices of the electoral registration officers or assistant electoral registration officers and with all the booth level officers (BLOs) and they may also visit chief electoral officer, Manipur’s website https:\\ to inspect the draft photo electoral rolls.

As per the draft electoral rolls 2024, gender ratio stands at 1066 as compared to 1068 in final electoral rolls, 2023 published on January 5, 2023.

The elector population ratio is recorded at 55.04 percent as compared to 57.35 percent in the previous rolls, he said, adding that the total number of electors as per draft electoral rolls is 20, 08,432 showing a net decrease of 49422 electors from the Final Electoral Roll 2023 (20, 57,854).

Polling stations have also been rationalised during the pre-revision period by District Election Officers (DEOs) through field verification by EROs and in consultation with political parties, he said.

“No new polling station was created while 17 polling stations have been shifted to better locations,” said Jha. The total number of polling stations remains at 2,955, he added.

The special summary revision to January 1, 2024 as the qualifying date starts from Friday with the publication of the draft electoral roll. Period for filing claims and objections is October 27 to November 9, it further stated, adding, special campaign dates will be November 4 and 5, December 2 and 3. Disposal of claims and objections by December 26 and final publication of electoral roll is January 5, 2024, he said.


During the special summary revision period, one can enroll, delete from, make corrections and apply for shifting of his or her name in the electoral roll, he mentioned.

Application forms may be submitted to the electoral registration officers, assistant electoral registration officers and booth level officers through physical forms. Application forms may also be submitted online at and voter helpline mobile app.

He highlighted that applicants, becoming eligible with the prescribe age of 18 years and above with 1st January, 2024 as qualifying date and subsequent qualifying dates of the year that is April 1, July 1 and October 1 of 2024 can submit their claims in Form-6, in advance, beginning from the date of draft publication of electoral roll.

The applications received related to the qualifying date of January 1, 2024 will be processed as per schedule and electoral roll be updated with final publication.

After the press meet, chief electoral officer Manipur in the presence of the joint chief electoral officer Ramananda Nongmeikapam launched a mobile van for the campaign.


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