Social activist Lamtinthang Haokip announces to fight election in Saitu AC, blessing programme held

The BJP-led government is not citizen centric but a party centric government, the intending candidate said.

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With the ideology to address the grievances of the unreached people of the Saitu Assembly constituency, social activists Lamtinthang Haokip has declared to fight in the upcoming Assembly election for the MLA seat of Saitu AC.

Following his declaration, a blessing ceremony of the intended candidate was held on Friday at Saitu Village in Kangpokpi district. The blessing ceremony was ministered by president of All Manipur Christian Organisation Rev Prim Vaiphei.

Addressing the gathering present during the blessing ceremony, Lamtinthang pointed out that Saitu was one of the most popular constituencies among all the constituencies of Manipur, however due to not having a devoted representative, the constituency has now become one of the most retarded constituency.

The present situation of the education sector, health sectors and roads connectivity of the constituency are clear-cut examples, he added.

Saitu constituency consists of 271 villages, however there are many outreach villages where its people are not getting the benefits of the various flagship programmes of the government, continued Lamtinthang.

The various grievances of the people of Saitu AC, is proof that the past elected leaders never work in public interest but own their own interest, he added.’

He also lamented the BJP-led government for praising themselves as a ‘people centric government’. “Why the BJP-led government never take up any initiative to know the grievances of the public if they are truly citizen centric? They are not citizen centric but a party centric government.” added the intending candidate.

Calling the 41,000 plus voters of Saitu AC to wake up and stay alert from the politician who uses muscle and money power for their personal gains, he assured the people of the constituency to uphold, safeguard and protect their constitutional rights and liberty.

Village chiefs and pastors coming from various churches and villages from across the Saitu AC offered blessings to Lamtinthang and wished him good luck in contesting the election.

The function was also attended by various church leaders, village chiefs and representatives, social activities, youth leaders, leaders of Congress party. Lamtinthang is hoping to get a Congress ticket.

IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur

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