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Seminar on ‘Quest to end Poppy Cultivation’ held in Ukhrul

A seminar to stop poppy cultivation was was held by the Ukhrul district administration in collaboration with several CSOs, village authorities and church bodies at UBC Jubilee Hall, Khamphasom in Ukhrul on Thursday.

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Updated 14 Sept 2023, 1:15 pm

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In an effort to promote CM N Biren Singh's vision of a drug-free Manipur, the Ukhrul district administration organised a one-day seminar on ‘War On Drugs- Quest to end poppy cultivation’. The seminar was held in collaboration with several CSOs, village authorities and church bodies at UBC Jubilee Hall, Khamphasom in Ukhrul on Thursday.

The programme began with a welcome note from Nimmi Azingwungshi Khamrang, ADC/ADM, Ukhrul after which speeches from resource persons for the event were given by Shanngam S, IFoS, DFO Ukhrul; Dr. Yuithingla Vashum, DACO and Ningsem Vashum, SP Ukhrul; Ramnganing SA, president TNWL; Themmaso Tallanao, resident TMNL; Columbus Leisan, CF, CARE Ukhrul and Remember Rimai, Pastor UBC.

DFO Shanngam detailed with an illustration, saying not only deforestation has affected the environment but the chemical applied for the product has impacted the livelihood of not just the cultivators but of the family members and community in the area has been kept in danger. Ningsem Vashum, SP of Ukhrul, also informed that the administration is working on to book any illicit activity under the law.


As functional president, Zuringla Kengoo, deputy commissioner, Ukhrul, addressed the gathering by saying everything is taught what is to be taught. "We have all heard and understood what is taught. But the most important thing is we seem to refuse to put into action what we have all understood. If we delay further, time will soon come when your land you have claimed becomes all barren one day."

She appealed to the gathering, especially leaders present, to take initiative to stop this unhealthy moreover illegal poppy plantations in their respective areas.

The district administration took up this initiative in order to curb the unprecedented rise in illicit poppy cultivation during the past few years which has greatly created adverse effects on environment, socio- economic, education and to the life of young generations.


At the end of the gathering, a pledge was read out by all the members present to work for complete eradication of illegal poppy cultivation and other illicit drug business in any areas under the jurisdiction of the district. The pledge further read to support and contribute their best efforts to create a drug free community. Lastly, they pledge to keep themself, their family and loved ones from the influence of drugs for a safe and healthy society.

Present among many other villages authorities, church leaders, CSOs leaders and district administrative employees in the event areP. Duna Duo, SDO, Jessami; Suranjoy Maibam Singh, SDO Ukhrul and Ramreichan Keishing, President TKS.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks by LW Thingreiphy, president TSL.(DIPR)


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