Ramp up measures for livelihood activities in periphery: Village volunteers

"The government is helping, we need them to do more till the conflict ends as it has cut off livelihood options for so many people."

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Updated 29 Dec 2023, 3:53 pm


All Manipur Village Volunteer Force on Thursday demanded authorities to ramp up measures to provide livelihood opportunities for people in conflict affected periphery villages.

The group expressed gratitude to the authorities for initiating measures for the said purpose but maintained that the implementation should reach all people in conflict affected areas.

Speaking to media at Yaingangpokpi in Imphal East, executive member of the volunteer force Heikrujam Tompok asserted that the state's economy had taken a devastating blow because of the conflict and emphasised the urgency to rectify it through livelihood enhancement.

The long drawn out conflict has seriously impeded the economy, he added.


He highlighted that village volunteer force under the aegis of the government had initiated agriculture, fishery, horticulture and veterinary activities in 12 selected areas of the valley.

"The government is helping, we need them to do more till the conflict ends as it has cut off livelihood options for so many people," he said.

He further stated that the people would suffer even more if the problem was not addressed timely.

On the other hand, he highlighted that Yaingangpokpi and its surrounding villages were hotspots for Kuki gun attacks.

"The sporadic attacks has the put the local residents on edge. Even with the presence of large central security forces it has not stop," he said.

He noted that the more than 10 incidents of gun attacks had taken place just in December.


As such he urged authorities to ramp up the peace building process and stop the reckless attacks.

Meanwhile, villager of Yaingangpokpi Mamang Leikai Khongbantabam Inaobi pointed out that Yaingangpokpi and its adjoining villages had turned into a battlefield since the conflict erupted.

"Instead of stopping the Kuki gun attacks the central forces are more focused conducting search operations in Yaingangpokpi and its surroundings," she said.

She expressed discontentment over the central force's actions and appealed authorities to remove them from the area.

She further stated that law and order should be implemented equally both in Kuki and Meitei areas.


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IFP Bureau

IFP Bureau

IMPHAL, Manipur


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