Raj Medicity transforms into beacon of hope for injured victims of crisis, staff sacrifice salary

Since the outbreak of the Manipur crisis, Raj Medicity has admitted a total of 187 patients, though regrettably, 10 were pronounced brought dead upon arrival.

ByRakesh Sharma

Updated 23 Aug 2023, 5:34 pm


In the midst of a gripping crisis that has enveloped Manipur, Raj Medicity, a distinguished private hospital in Imphal, has emerged as a radiant beacon of hope for the afflicted victims.

Demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to community well-being, the entire staff of Raj Medicity has embarked on an exceptional endeavour, offering free medical services to those distressed by injuries.

To ensure the seamless operation of this commendable initiative, all 660 staff members have magnanimously donated half of their salaries every month since June.

This heartfelt response to the crisis, which has left numerous individuals injured and urgently requiring medical attention, showcases the hospital's unwavering dedication to extending a helping hand when it matters most. 

Since the outbreak of the crisis, Raj Medicity has admitted a total of 187 patients, though regrettably, 10 were pronounced brought dead upon arrival. Out of these, 84 patients underwent critical surgeries, resulting in the unfortunate loss of four lives, while the remaining patients were successfully treated and subsequently discharged. At present, one patient remains under intensive care in the ICU.


Chairman of Raj Medicity H Rajen, while speaking to the Imphal Free Press, articulated that the hospital recognised the dire circumstances faced by injured victims, often hailing from financially marginalised backgrounds.

He said, this cognizance spurred the institution to launch a remarkable initiative of delivering free treatment.

The challenge was not an easy task for the hospital as it is facing shortages of essential medical supplies and life-saving drugs, further exacerbated by the ongoing crisis.

Rajen also emphasised the pivotal role of the state government in supplying essential consumables and life-saving medications to sustain the continuity of the free treatment endeavour over the long term.

He further underscored that the timely settlement of outstanding dues for the Chief Ministergi Hakshelgee Tengbang (CMHT) and Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) schemes would significantly alleviate the hospital's financial burdens, ensuring the effective delivery of free services.


Acknowledging the hospital's remarkable service, various organisations and individuals have generously extended aid in the form of consumables and donations.

Rajen expressed gratitude for these contributions, emphasising that even the smallest donations serve as a powerful source of encouragement, affirming public recognition of their altruistic efforts.

In response to misconceptions surrounding the extent of free treatment, MS of the hospital, A Ibobtombi Sharma, clarified that the hospital's benevolent gesture extends only for the duration of the victim's stay at the facility. Upon discharge, the hospital regrettably cannot provide continued free services in the future, he added.

In the face of daunting adversity, this local hospital in Manipur stands as an exemplar of humanity's capacity for compassion and resilience.

Continuously providing free medical services to victims of the crisis, Raj Medicity underscored the profound impact of acts of kindness on both lives and communities during times of dire need.


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Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma

IFP Reporter, IMPHAL, Manipur


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