Protect lives or leave Manipur: CM Biren

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh expresses frustration with central forces

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Updated 23 Jan 2024, 2:39 am

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Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh, during the celebration of 52nd Statehood Day on Sunday, expressed deep frustration with the central forces, lamenting their perceived inaction in protecting civilians from recent attacks by Kuki militants.

He emphasised that the central forces are not mere spectators but are invited to safeguard the state’s integrity and its people.

“If they want to continue their stay in Manipur, they should protect the lives and properties of the innocents, or else they do not have the moral right to further stay in Manipur,” said the chief minister, highlighting the importance of preserving human life.

“We are Indians. What do you think? Life is precious. We are not going to fall into your trap. We will make our own decision,” lamented the chief minister.

He also called on the state forces to remain vigilant and be ready to respond promptly to any further attacks by Kuki militants.


“Your duty is to save the lives and properties of the public and not to report the incident,” he said, announcing no more leave for the state forces.

Referring to the recent killings of innocent unarmed villagers by Kuki militants at Haotak and Ningthoukhong, CM Biren said such an act is inhuman and cowardly and expressed strong condemnation.

He also saluted all security forces who have sacrificed their lives and paid homage to the civilians who have lost their lives in an attack by Kuki terrorists.

Warning those who are challenging the unity and integrity of Manipur, the chief minister said that they should know that indigenous people of the state will come together and unite to meet any such challenge.

He further added that if there is a scope for dialogue that he is ready and that the State security force is also ready for any challenges, but it would be right to cease attacks on civilians.

In response to the challenges faced by those in relief camps, CM Biren instructed DCs to visit camps weekly, interact with individuals, and address grievances.


Acknowledging the unsuitability of prefabricated houses for displaced inmates, he announced temporary rehabilitation measures, including the construction of buildings/colonies for comfortable settlement until they can return to their homes.

Highlighting the announcement by Union Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the end of the Free Movement Regime and fencing of the Myanmar border, Biren deemed these assurances as significant gifts for the people of Manipur.

He also highlighted ongoing development projects in hill districts, emphasising the government’s commitment to their progress in hill districts.

The Statehood Day celebration at 1st MR Parade Ground featured a march-past by 10 contingents, with CO Ksh Ravikumar as the parade commander. Additionally, artists from Shri Shri Bal Mukunda Dev Govt. Music College presented a song.

The event was attended by cabinet ministers, MLAs, HAC chairmen, chief secretary, security advisor, police and civil officers, IGAR (S), and senior officers from paramilitary forces among others.


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